Saturday, August 13, 2011

the other half

We got home from the Market parked the old Dodge, and I fed everybody (as in flocks and herds) and kicked back a bit. We decided we needed freezer bags for my homemade sauce and also to freeze corn. We also needed some more seed to add to our Fall garden. I am excited about another round of veggies. So off we went, again. Three towns over we stopped off for a beverage. Rusty gor sting by yellow jackets while in the field. His whole arm is swollen. While I waited for him, I took a picture of these guys admiring a car at the gas pumps. I like the color. This is a gambling place. I never knew what these places were until about my second year here. One day I asked Rusty, and he told me they are gambling dens. Oh sweet Rosies! I have never been in one, but I would like to see what is inside. I bet there is no photography. This is the local burger joint. I haven't gone there either! This is the closest grocery store. I have been there. It is just me. Up before dawn, flea-market-ed, animal-ed, and now on a quest for seeds. Why don't they make a mirror that doesn't make object larger? I am thinking though, maybe things really are larger than they appear and the mirror helps us see the truth. Back through the valley and over the train yards of Bluefield, WV The hospital. Oops wrong turn, we need to go to the feed store. Back on track. A lounge called Venus. No I haven't been there! I have been here. Three years ago I didn't even know what TSC was about. Today it was food for the fowl friends, and seed. Where is the seed? They eat better than me. Raccoons must be popular right now. No seed. Since Kmart is right next to TSC we checked their garden department for seed.
Summer was on sale. But, I am sure you get it... still no seed was to be found. I know everybody doesn't plant a Fall garden, but I know many people who do. So we took the highway to go to Lowe's for seed. Summer was on sale there too.
We looked everywhere, and asked this helpful Lowe's employee. "We don't have any seed!" She said.

On the way out, I saw this: First, I wonder what kind of corn deer prefer, and second, I dislike the idea of baiting deer to their death. I guess if venison was the only source of meet for my family, I might see it different. Maybe I was just feeling ornery. This was the third store, and there are not a lot of options around here for stores.

So we left. Note to self. Buy all seed in Spring and don't assume you can go back on the Summer to get more for a Fall garden.

I saw Applebees and suddenly wanted a drink. The day had started so early for the flea market and I needed a good boost. Food went through my mind too. But we decided it looked like it might rain, and we had feed bags in the back of the truck. So we headed over to see if we could find Brittany's new apartment before we left town. I had bought her a little grill and wanted to drop that off.
She allowed me to put this pictures of her in my blog. Usually her and her sister are always saying, "You are not putting this in your blog, are you?" So she has a nice little place. I got to see Blueberry her my dog.
She was happy to see us and hyper, or more hyper than she is normally. Calm down blue.

She showed me her chewy bone.
We couldn't stay long. The rain was coming. Bye Blueberry pup.
Bye grown-up daughter.
Back over the train tracks, and past the college.
Dick's Swiss Burger. Gambling upstairs. Really.
Next to Dick's was this:
WV wine. This is the happiest I had seen him all day.
I was pretty happy too. Heading out again, to beat the rain. I love the old houses you pass around here.
Over the river and over it again... to our loyal guardians... and to our home. Then I remembered, as I sat at the green door table sipping on my pina colada... we forgot the freezer bags. Oh well.

Life is about the journey.

Tomorrow, the announcement of who won the chair guessing game...



  1. I kept telling myself as I tagged along with you in each store "don't forget the bags, Crow," but you must not have been listening!...:)JP

  2. LOL I really MUST be a nurse, I kept looking for pics of Rusty's swollen arm. Unlike QC, I forgot about the freezer bags too, just kept looking for his arm. LOL Hope it's ok.
    I love that you drink up every moment of life. What a contrast the green WV is from AZ. When I see the trees the only thing I think is 'peaceful'.
    Look at that smile on Brittany's face - I think she might miss her momma. She's so pretty. Where does she get the 'hands on the hips' stance? Hmmmmmm? :-)
    And that pic of Blueberry looking out the window at you? Awwwwwwwwwwwwww - make Terry get me a dog! I want my own Blueberry!!!
    What seeds are you looking to plant? I have to wait another 6 weeks before I can plant -weird, huh. We've got seeds all over the place here. Love that you brought us along for the quest. When's the next roadtrip?

  3. Hey I forgot the freezer bags too yesterday...

    Thanks for the drive through WV. God, I love American stores. So huge and full to the gunnels with 'stuff'.

    PS I want your cool truck!

  4. No, no, no. You've got it all wrong. Blueberry is MY dog!!!

  5. Thats me in the grey hat, walking into Lowe's. Check the left elbow - elbows are not supposed to look like that. At least mine isn't. The swelling finally went down by this morning. I think I'm going to have to start carrying an epi-pen because sometimes Im so far from the truck it could be bad - they seem to get worse each time. Ask Willow, she gets to hear me whining. I'd take snakes ANY day over the wasps. It was a long weekend of Benadryl and Caffeine for me, and they don't exactly balance each other out like you might think. The Sam Adams Noble Pils, did, however. It balanced Everything.


  6. I needed you all with me to remember those freezer bags, lol.

    Those hands on the hips... that is what you call a strong willed child. Tough kid to raise, but she is now taking life by storm. She is sweet and fierce when she must be.

    Terry- get Linda a dog. Now.

    Chris, American the overindulged. Yep that is who we are.

    Sylvanna, I will break it to my daughter. :-)

  7. LOL I'm 2 weeks behind.
    Rusty, take pepcid too when you're stung. Pepcid is an H2 blocker [the h = histamine] and it doesn't make you sleepy but helps with the swelling. DEFINITELY get an epi pen. Shoot- I'd probably take the pepcid everyday in the summer if I were you LOL
    Strong-willed daughters are survivors. Is she going to school or working?


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