Monday, August 15, 2011


Yes. $5.00 is what I paid for that chair. I haven't got that sort of a deal since I shopped at the Garage Sale Store in St. Petersburg, FL.

So, I guess that means Sophia won. She knows her Momma, I love old things, and I buy them at a bargain price, or I don't buy them.

Now, A Brit in Tennessee said she bought chairs that were very similar for 3 for $20.00, but she didn't guess my chair was around that price. So, she did not win, but it seems she and I are from the same gene-pool. :-) Check out her blog. Lovely.

I will be interviewing my daughter. A real interview. I am going to dress up, and take notes and pictures. What sort of questions shall I ask her? She is eleven. She is a lot like me and a lot very different from me. She is a bit of a philosopher. I will be preparing for this interview like any reporter would.

By the way, Sophia is thrilled to have won! So funny.

Here is a dusk photo of one of my giant sunflowers to gaze upon while you think about questions.

sundown flower


  1. Aww, thank you for the sweet words.
    Congratulations to Sophie,she was spot-on with her guess, bargain hunting must be in all of our genes. I looked my chairs over today, they are the very same as your chair, I'm one short.....just in case you need to get rid of it :)
    Wonderful Sunflower,going to make some bird very happy !

  2. LOOK st those colors! So beautiful. Will you collect the seeds to feed the birds in the winter or do you plan on eating them?
    I'm so glad Sophie won - can't wait to see the photos and your interview.
    You've inspired me to find some flea markets/estate sales around here.

  3. Just love finding a good deal! And $5 is a great deal!

  4. Sunflowers do brighten up anyone's day...:)JP

  5. Linda, yes. We feed the seeds to everybody who will eat them. The rabbits, chickens, (ducks?) donkey, goats, and of course the wild birds will all eat them. I love the idea of growing food for my flocks and herds. It is pretty satisfying for me.

    The colors of that photo worked out great. The flash went on because is was dusk. and the blue and pink of the sky still showed. I had to do some contortion to get the shot. lol

  6. $5, wow. That's sweet you are interviewing your daughter. My daughter would love me to do that to her. Maybe I should!
    Lovely, lovely sunflower photo. Aren't they just beautiful.x


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