Friday, May 27, 2011


If you don't expect anything from me, then I will never disappoint you.
If you insist on expecting something from me,
why not let it be something that enriches?
For whatever you decide to bring to the plate, I will gladly feed you.

I will not expect from you.
I will not insist on it.
I will only serve you the food of that in which you have grown and hunger for.

If you want me to serve you. I will.
But don't expect me to know how.

I grow my own food. I have my own hunger. I serve myself.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Darn these knees! The swelling wont go away. I have so much to do. I have 3 trays of  72 tomato plants, plus another tray with 16 plants. I have squash plants, more broccoli, and green peppers. I have more beans to plant... That is not counting my herb garden!
Heal knees... HEAL!

organic tomatoes
plant us

I have finished the romaine lettuce planting, It was planted in waves. We are eating delicious green crispy lettuce every day. It is fabulous. My duckies love it as well. I highly suggest you plant this type of lettuce with your cold crops. It doesn't do well in the heat of the summer, but what an awesome spring harvest, Best part is, we harvest it and eat it within 30 minutes. My labor of love has been fruitful thus far. I even have more romaine seeds germinating! What a giver those seeds are. I have a couple of bowls, filled with dirt and poof, salad. Easy to plant, even if you grow it in containers and even if you thumbs are not green. I promise.

I hobbled up the hill and pulled some garlic for tonight's dinner. Penne pasta and some salad.

baby garlic and romaine

in the garlic patch

garlic freshly pulled up

My poor Deer has an udder giving her trouble. Rusty and I got her flowing last night. She was so cute, licking me while I milked her. The milk looks white, so she should be ok. Today I went in and stripped all the milk on that side again. My goodness she is a good milk producer! Oprah, her kid, is definitely not having feeding problems. Every time I pick her up she does a golden yellow stinky baby turd. Not unlike a human newborn's poo. I then immediately put her down, and out comes the pee. A good sign that she is getting milk. Just like a human baby. My kids gave me plenty of experience for dealing Deer's kids. I am not going to say anything about my udders. Nope, not going there.

My duckling are getting so big! They spend their days now outside in a duck-shangra-la. Swimming pool, shade tent, water, clover and grasses, and fresh greens. They have been upgraded from chick food to flock grower food. Big duckies.

The President Day chicks hang out with the ducks when it is time to eat. But certainly birds of a feather really do flock together. Both flocks are not really interested in the other.

free roaming chickens
that is washington, the cockerel, with his head up
pekin and indian runner ducklings

storm, a runner duck
cloud, a runner duck
duck pretending to be a swan

Evidently, Tractor Supply got some chicks mixed up. I bought 4 Brahma straight run chicks. They grew up and, well, have a look...

2 brahma chicks
2 brahma chicks with some mixed chicks
2 brahmas, and 1 not a brahma
I am not brahma. I am a cornish rock.

So. yes, this chicken was bought with the other brahmas chicks. It is a cornish rock, a chicken bred to be a meat chicken. It will eventually die from it's sheer size. The mortality rate is high, even for their short projected life span. They eat and grow rapidly. This particular chicken can barely walk it is so big. So you are looking at an organic meal. There is one already in the freezer, it was killed by meany pants the Rhode Island Red Roo, or a hawk, but if it was a hawk, why was it left for dead? I have to come out of denial and put the blame where it belongs...

If my knees don't heal, I will have to break it to Earl that he will have to be my riding pony. 

Although, I am not too sure he would want to be a pony or have anybody ride him. I can tell by his body language. :-)  He is such a good boy. I adore him. How about a donkey cart Earl? We can get matching hats.

Well, I guess you might want to take a look at the bunnies, now that I am showing everybody. Here they are with their Momma, Tahoe. They are sweet little puff-balls! It is almost time for them to move out of Mom's house. They are all eating bunny food. Good job Tahoe. I know motherhood is not easy. But we do our best.

That is the farm update. Stay tuned for more... and there is more coming! Just wait and see.


late spring garlic and wildflowers

wild wonderful ~crow

love letter

Dearest Oprah,

I was tearful watching your last show. You have been like a close friend, co-woman, and courageous guide.

You saw me through many phases in my life. It seemed when I tuned in to your show, it was scripted for my life. The show validated my own goodwill, grace and love that I share with anyone I meet. People respond. Not that I expect anything in return, but I always notice ::the return::

Here is an excerpt from my blog:

o doe

I just decided now what to name the new doeling born yesterday. Her name will be Oprah.

As I sit here and view her last show, I remember how Oprah has touched my life, just one of millions. She, like myself, is a believer in the goodness and grace in people. She, like myself, believes in the power of love. She, like myself, was sexually abused as a young girl. But it never stopped O or Me, in being a messenger of hope.

So meet Oprah. Our new doeling.



Everybody has a life story. As I probably have a novel. Abused sexually as a child by my Father, married into an abusive marriage, which gave birth to an artist and child advocate and more, and now I have moved to a farmhouse in the mountains, growing, loving, writing... and spiritual, in a way that only a weathered history can bring. All of it, I am thankful for, as it brought me to here. That is some of what I shared with you, through your show. I am filled with gratitude that you shared part of your life story with me.

It sounds silly, but-- I named my new baby goat after you, so your spirit will be here on my little farm in the WV mountains. She was born the day you taped your last show. She will be loved greatly. I have attached a photo. She is so cute. It might sound a bit weird to hear a goat carries your name. But it made perfect sense to me.

You have given birth to a new life.

Love and Light,


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

o doe

I just decided now what to name the new doeling born yesterday. Her name will be Oprah.

As I sit here and view her last show, I remember how Oprah has touched my life, just one of millions. She, like myself, is a believer in the goodness and grace in people. She, like myself, believes in the power of love. She, like myself, was sexually abused as a young girl. But it never stopped O or Me, in being a messenger of hope.

So meet Oprah. Our new doeling.


Monday, May 23, 2011


Water is what we are made of. I am sure you have heard the human body contains anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on body size. Water is also where we live, being that the earth is covered by 70.9% of water on the Earth's surface.

Water, as a life force is an interesting element to study.

Water has been viewed as a feminine element for centuries. Ancients believed water to be of a feminine energy. It was also associated with the Goddess.  The inverted triangle symbol has been used to represent water, as it is associated with the shape of the womb. .

Water is connected to the West, and is associated with healing and purification. Holy water is used in nearly every spiritual path.

Water is a force to be reckoned with. As we have seen recently in the floods of the Mississippi river and it's tributaries. Water goes where it wants to and cannot be stopped, although humans have been trying to fight it's forces forever.

But if we do not fight it, and begin to understand that water is, who we are, and where we live, we can then dismiss our minds for a moment to absorb this: How water reflects our consciousness. This article by Wellness Goods has some great photos comparing microscopic samples of water molecules from the book, Messages from Water by Japanese researcher and visionary, Masaru Emoto. The photos speak for themselves. I remember in the movie What in the Bleep Do We Know?, starring Marlee Matlin, touching on the same subject.

Basically they take a microscopic photo of a water molecule, then they pray to it, or threaten it, or play different music to it (the water) then take another photo after. The photographs are amazing, and I would be hard pressed to find a non-believer of this data. It is quite amazing. Water, that is.

This is one of the basis of my theory of "magic". That you can change some things in your life by the pure will to do so. The only tool you need is belief. You have to believe it is going to happen, or it doesn't.

Now, if water can be changed (quite beautifully) by a prayer or music, imagine if we tapped into that source. Think about all this water, and what we as a people can do, simply by being a connected energy force.

But we are humans, and we are conditioned not to believe in the magic we knew as children. Adulthood ravages our pure intuition and belief in the spiritual and physical source that flows through us and through the universe.

Come on you un-believers.