Sunday, August 7, 2011

honey you are egging me on to bee a pig

I love bees, and have always wanted to keep them. I met a guy who keeps bees and he says he is part of a small group of beekeepers, who all help each other out. I went to his house tonight to buy some laying hens from him. He asked me if I wanted to see the bees. I said, "yes!" so he took me out back, above his garden to the bees.

I got goose bumps.

Bees boxes lined up. His 10 year old son, kept telling me bee stories. They were great stories too. His dad told me to lean close to the hive box and listen... I heard the low hum. He told me they were regulating the temperature. He talked about scout bees and the queen and all about honey. I was mesmerized.

Oh yes, I want to keep bees. Or I want the bees to keep me. Bees work for the common good. Bees help the earth. Bees are magical creatures. I can learn from them.

And the honey, it is a healing tincture. You want to buy local honey. Because it has everything you need for the area you live in.

Also, I got to pet his very young Jersey calves. I had this strong urge to take them home. Sweet beautiful bottle babies. They have the sweetest faces and big brown eyes. ah.

I met his little girl, she was 4 and made her own clothing designs out of her Mom's clothes. She told me about her pool, and her cat. What a cute age. I told her about my rabbits and she asked if she would be able to hold one. I told her she could hold all of them if she wanted. I told her next time her Daddy came to my house, that she should tell him to take her.

He said he would set me up, in his bee network. So I am waiting for the bees. Oh yes, I am.

Today also marked another purchase, a new piglet. We go to pick him up in a week. A brown and white belted, tiny piglet.

So what shall his name be?


  1. That's so cool you're getting some bees, Crow. Great for you, the plants, and the land (and ultimately all of us reading this!)

    Even better that you've found a good mentor who can show you the ropes and get you a colony or two.

    I'm STILL waiting for mine! Poo.

    Well done, honey ;0)

  2. I'm wanting bees too! For all the same reasons. So exciting to anticipate. Pigs too. But you're ahead of us on that one, lucky girl.

  3. You had a busy weekend by the sounds of it. Are you ging to move the bees out of the old house or get a new load of bees?
    I think you should call piggy Angus..Fine Scottish name if I do say so myself :)
    Nicky. x

  4. When I was pregnant with my kids and trying to finalize a name I would stand at the back door and shout the names. I had to know what it would feel like and sound like when in the future I would call them in from playing. Not quite as noble and grand as lifting my child up in the moonlight as they did in the movie 'Roots' but it worked for me,
    I'm Irish so my vote would be Paddy O'Ferniture - you could call him Paddy for short but try shouting his full name from your backdoor :-)
    And remember . . . you asked for it.

  5. You all gave me a good laugh today. :-)

    Chris, I hope you get your bees soon. I am anticipating learning from you!

    Leigh, you'll need to friend Chris (above). He had a blog here: He built a cool bee box. This is my second pig. I miss having one around. The first is in the freezer. We had ribs yesterday. yum.

    Nicky, Angus sounds like a fine name. I may name him it in honor of you. :-)

    Linda, that is the best idea I have heard in a long time! That is a riot. I'll add to that practice saying their full name (middle name included) sternly in the bathroom or kitchen, or their bedroom. Or in the school's principal's office. The last is just for sons. ;-) Paddy O'Ferniture. I had to read it twice. You made my day.

    You all are wild and wonderful.

  6. Good luck with your raising bees, be sure to wear protective clothing, it's no fun getting stung.
    Thank you for stopping by, I'm off to read more of your blog, I'm already hooked !
    My favorite little antique shop in town is called "As the crow flies", it's full of the most wonderful and unique antiquities.
    Hope to visit often !


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