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How to care for chickens:
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Baby chicks
Newly hatched chicks need to be placed in a brooder. A brooder can be any container big enough for the chicks, food and water. I used super-sized plastic bins with tall sides. Clamp brooder light (special warming light) above the brooder facing the light into a corner of the brooder. This way your chicks can get away from the heat if it gets too much for them. If you can use the red light bulbs, it hides and bare spots on a chick that other chicks might peck at. Alternatively a 100 watt bulb will do. Make sure chicks have at least two inch dry bedding. They need it for there footing to avoid sprayed legs. I use aspen pine shavings. Be careful of your household pets! Cats love newborn chickies. When the chickens get older cats loose interest. Especially if you have a protective rooster.Same with you dogs. If you have more than one dog watch then closely with the growing chickens. Dogs can get "packy" pretty quickly and if one starts chasing a chicken, it will inspire another to join in with the chase, and the energy will multiply. Address that behavior right away. I roll my dogs over on their backs, until they give up. You can tell they give when they take a big sigh and stop obsessing. Dogs can live with free roaming chickens! In fact they might be good at warning of a stray dog intruder.
Always offer your chicks a fresh water supply, and constantly food supply. Purchase special chick grower food. Quality food, makes a quality chicken. Chicks grow fast and eat quite a bit for their size!

Keep good records, for a good example take a look at my  President Day Chicks record.

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