Monday, August 8, 2011

camera dump

Today's harvest: Purple and red tomatoes, green peppers, (made into sauce) Summer squash, farm fresh eggs and goats milk.

I am getting 2 quarts a day. Deer is a dairy goat so she produces plenty. Time to get into cheese making again.

I got more eggs than these four today. Here are the new 10 egg laying hens. In quarantine, but laying! Check out "no feathers" way in the back.

I thought I saw the Virgin Mary in this fresh chicken turd, but upon further inspection it was only Lord Ganesha.

See him?

The sunflowers next to the garage, looking lovely.

I talked to Shirl today about how to dry out the seeds, quickly so they don't mold. And the bees listened..

Spearmint flowering.

What a crock! Two actually. $1.00 for the pair, bought at Saturdays market.

This is the latest green door table decor. It was created purely by accident. Goes to show you accidents can be beautiful.

The pumpkin vines are changing their minds.

We all do it.

Inside the chicken tractor.

My old friend Earl

This poor little chick has deformed feet. It doesn't stop her from being herself.

Oh Cinco, you are just darling.

Yes, you are. Sorry about calling you Stinko, and Psycho, and all the other silly names I can think of that sound like Cinco. I am just having fun.

Fitty cent. One missing eyeball.

A great eggs gathering basket. The chickens will not even know I am there.

Ok, so I wont exactly fit in. Don't look at me like that.

Carry on.

More flower layers have come on since early Spring.

I said stop looking at me like that. It is a basket.

Home Sweet Home

Oh, and I got my awesome knife in the mail that I won. It is super nice. Thanks again Grow Fish Eat. Thank you Chris!

I will be taking more camera dumps. Hopefully when it is not in the middle of the night when I am delirious. :-)



  1. Hi Crow

    Thanks for sharing those great pics of your wonderful menagerie! I NEED a goat!

    Need I worry that you're spending too much time looking at chicken poo? Like Meggs at Calling Ravens comparing 'scat'? ;0)

    So glad the parcel arrived. Always a bit anxious when sending over the pond.x

  2. Nice chicken poo art, very in style.
    Love your Fitty Cent basket, the missing eye just gives it character.
    Nicky x

  3. We used to have little crocks like that growing up. I remember distinctly eating goulash out of them.


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