Saturday, September 10, 2011

hot mess

I was sitting here thinking it had been awhile since I went bloggering. So here is what you get. The real life me, who is, probably ADHD, an Indigo Child, Dreamer, Artist and a true Air sign on the horoscope wheel. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Right now, it is dawning on me.

The only things I can pay attention to are the things that I like. Everything else gets dismissed. Not purposefully, of course. I am talking day to day life. I have a wonderful ability to put things aside, and go do what I see as important or worthy to me. Like the outside work, I love it. The inside work is sort of... boring. But I don't intend to do this in a selfish way. I love to listen and help when asked. Just in my solo world. (The one that doesn't see a mess)  Life is just interesting stories (don't make me edit though), observations and creations. Cleaning is not creative. Organizing, not interesting. And I observe, what I want to observe. I paint my life the colors and shapes that I wish to see.

For example. I thought I would blog tonight. It's the beginning of the next day. Why not? I could be more regimented and say, "No too late go to bed" But I don't say those things to myself. I just indulge on my whims.

So here: I broke out the camera and took these pictures of  Tonka and Bella.

Poor unloved dogs. 

My house might have the smell of dog. I can't tell. I use febreeze in the event that my pooches might leave their pretty doggy scents on the furniture. You know they do.

Next I go hunting for something else to photograph. Oh pretty...

cuckoo  shadow

more pretty

 Horror movie music starts now:
 Oh no... not pretty. The real me.

I love my shabby chic desk, but it just looks shabby
 Let us examine the messy desk. I can't blame it on anybody, but myself.

nice smelling candles - this is ok

cool old Dodge truck keys - normal

two coffee cups - with stains

notes on the back of an envelope I am saving because I can't seem to "do" an address book

paperwork - not done - luckily no coffee stains, yet

this is so I can bring eggs to market - blank

this is for me to be registered with the MGR and register my goats - blank

a painting from my oldest that she gave to me when she moved out - un-framed or hung

saving money is good, but what is all the other crap?

see what I mean? something sparkly over here, no over there, no here

why on a desk?

real dust, not the fairy kind either

a half chewed dog bone... nice

laughing yet? it is on my desk because I took a picture of it tonight to ask my duck group if it was chicken or duck?

buddha still smiles

cards from my Mom

amber, because it is good stuff - the bottle caps, not so good

this is how I hang my amber, I only see amber, not boxes and water bottles

a loop to magnify my wares

stuff I am selling on eBay
I am a hot mess

You might notice that my hands are stained. I have been shucking sunflowers for my flocks and herds. It is going to have to wear off, because it wont wash off. Mess, mess, mess.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I bought some new pools yesterday for the increased number of ducks, and new geese. Big plastic kiddie pools with fresh water. This is what they looked like at the end of the day:

ducky pool

pool in the dying squash garden

 Izzy liked the big drinking bowls.

mucky dog

As did Spaghetti-ohs, the kitty.

this post is not about wet kitties

But the ducks and geese...

mucky ducks

mucky ducks

still love their small, old, broken, mucky water pool.

well loved pool