Friday, August 12, 2011

how to not photograph your goats

Coming next week: How not to photograph your rabbits.


  1. LMAO
    I have all those photos too in the way of dogs, cats, goats, horses, ducks. You take 400 photos and you MIGHT get 1 or 2 good ones of each animal. Doncha Love it!
    Nicky. x

  2. What a chuckle you gave me as well as a reminder of all the pix I take and delete!!!!...:)JP

  3. Goats are so hard to get a good photo of!!!! It seems like you have to take 50 just to get 2 or 3 good ones!

  4. LOL. The shots themselves may be a bit off, but their personality shines through without a doubt!

  5. Hello there! I cannot tell you how much I love goats. My husband keeps talking about getting two pigmy goats, and I get really excited, but it's just not practical where we live!!
    Your blog is magic and oh I do love your home.x

  6. Glad you kept your sense of humor about it. Are you trying to sell some, or was this just for amusement? I got lucky with this guy in southern Indiana. He was so bored, I guess, that he was interested in me and held still.

  7. LOL You made me laugh.
    Girl, you have your hands full!
    I never thought how difficult it must be to get any of those animals to hold still.
    Your place is just heaven :-)

  8. I'm laughing at your pictures, it brings back memories of the times I used to try and photograph goats of my uncles. They had a bad habit of boarding the village bus and ending up in jail,I was always the one who sprung 'em.
    What a wild and magical place you have, I would be in my glory :)
    I love all these pictures !!

  9. 'Never work with animals or children'LOL

    If I had a Dollar for every shot like that...

    The fact that you get shots of those scamps at all is a credit to you!

    Looking forward to the blurred rabbits.x


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