Thursday, August 4, 2011


The Lammas celebration continues on, here on my little spot on the earth. A time for all sun-worshipers to take note and be thankful for the first harvest.
The tomatoes are plentiful now...

...and the feathered ones are enjoying the ripeness.

and other things worth pecking at.

washington experiencing bad thoughts

Must be the heat making you so crazy

At least the feathered ones are well fed and getting big.

ringtone 1 and laura bush

ringtone 2 and obama



amber and tetra

Sophia's very tame brown pair

what's for dinner?

Sometimes the stealing pays off. This was my row of late romaine lettuce. The duck gang came and got it but left the stems. The stems have now flowered and seeded.

I am happy to report that the volunteers are still at their posts.

As are the recruits.

big recruit

green peppers, late but coming in full speed ahead

the squash is still giving

Life is rich with smells and taste of late Summer.


perennial oregano flowering

sweet basil

perennial lemon balm

I love the first harvest, it gives me a sense of fulfillment and pleasure, and a taste of what tomorrow will bring. It has only just begun. over and over again.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

I am a winner!

Don't ever say "I never win anything" or you wont. You wont enter, you wont put your name out to the Universe's cup of possibilities, to then unfold your name and announce that in fact. you do win. All the time. You are breathing, you have food in your belly, and a bed to sleep on. You already have won. See how that happens?

But it seems I won at winning. Chris, over at Grow Fish Eat, had a little contest. Check out his blog. he is way funny, intelligent and likes chickens, gardening, bees and fishing. He just constructed the most awesome coop. I entered. I didn't say, "I never win anything" I said "Put my name in. I want to win that awesome knife, and here is why I want it!"

Opinel No.8 Pocket Knife

You know I can't let anything slip by without putting a higher meaning or life lesson attached to it. Thank you Chris! I look forward to more growing, fishing, and eating!