Saturday, June 4, 2011

early bird

The egg that pipped and is now hatched and out in the brooder. He has been in the incubator hatched out for 24 hours! Nobody else has pipped yet so I opened the incubator and broke out the brooder equipment. He has a deluxe suite. Problem is, he is lonely and is peep-peep-peeping. I can't really hold him, because I don't want him to chill. So poor lil' chick is all alone. The camera flash gave him hope and he has been peeping for awhile now! He is a good strong chick. Just early. I figure I will see some more eggs pipped in the morning. I candled the eggs and all looks like a go. The chick and I are waiting! That's the part about hatching that teaches one patience.

I also started some new eggs in the incubator a couple days ago. My neighbor Shirl gave me some more freshly laid eggs, plus I had some and I didn't want to wait to set a new batch. So, I will have a hatch, then clean out the incubator and then have another hatch. The eggs can stand a few minutes out of the heat. Better that, then wait and have the eggs get old. The fresher the eggs, the better odds there are for a hatch.

Here is the little guy.

early bird

I wonder if he is looking for his Mother. I wonder this to the tune of - All by Myself in my head.  His Mother is perched high in the barn. His Father is in Rooster Jail for crimes against little chickens. Well, he is just being himself and trying to establish the flock as his. But he has been getting more aggressive, and now that I have my teenagers out in a pen, I don't want to risk it.

Meanwhile, the other young roosters are acting up. Each of them are now trying to establish a group of hens to dominate. Not nearly as bad as old Meany Pants, but they are starting to chase and are getting a little cocky. I am sure the word "cocky" was inspired by roosters. It is not bad, just too much, is simply too much!

Sling Blade the pig has now busted through a fence in the name of a kiddie swimming pool (which belongs to the ducks) and the bowls of flock grower food. No matter how much I feed that pig, he acts starving. Ravenous is more like it. He is happiest while eating. When he is not eating, he is rooting for perhaps a speck of cracked corn he may have missed. He is getting so big. The bigger and stronger he gets, the more of a pain he is. He can smell food from far away. I can't even sneak it in to the rabbits or chickens without him squealing like he is being skinned alive. He goes crazy when I milk Deer, the nanny goat. Really Sling... milk? As soon as I enter the fence he slimes me. Big, wet, muddy pig snout on the leg. He knows how to block me when I do have food and he turns his body into an old oak tree. I am finding myself getting exasperated with him.

Earl the donkey can make that piggy move. I have never seen a pig leap and run so fast. I quietly thank Earl for making him get out of my way. Even though Earl's tactics border on bullying. The results come as such relief for me.

So yes, I am milking Deer, Momma to little Oprah the kid. Oprah get the one side, and I milk the other. Right now I am giving the milk to Sylvia's beagle pups and to Sylvia. The cats love it too. Soon I hope to make herbal goat's milk soap. It makes the best soap. Very moisturizing and other good things that store bought soap does not have. Store bought soap is really just detergent. I would also like to have my hand at making some goat's milk cheese. I mean, I get a half gallon from my nanny-goat every day and that is just one milking  one udder. When she is through nursing her kid and I start to milk her twice daily on both sides, I am sure to get a gallon. Goat's milk is super healthy to drink too, compared to cow's milk. Plus, there is no added hormones and other undesirables present. There are procedures to keep everything sterile and safe. It is a good source of protein. My nanny loves it because she get to eat sweet feed mix with corn, manna and sunflower seeds while I milk her. I feed her quite often as well. She like things straight from the garden. her favorite is broccoli!

Little Oprah the doeling is spunky and joy-filled. Next year I will be milking her as well. Goats are a lot of fun. They are curious by nature and make really wonderful pets as they can be both playful and gentle. Except the buckS. I have my buck up for sale. I now have two dairy does and another buck is coming. Yes, I am buying two more kids. They are already born and are a little older than Oprah. They are TN fainting goats. Registered by the Myotonic Registry

Here is the link. They are still with their Mothers. The two that are on hold are:

Get a load of those ears.

By the way, the folks at  Peace of Eden Farm that have my kids have been simply wonderful. They are informative and super organized. I really like their farm ethic. Plus, I have made another WV farm friend!

It's midnight now here in WV, and it is time to go check on everybody, get Bella in (she is out there howling at the night air) and spend some time with my Earl.

While, the early bird and I wait for more.



  1. Hi

    Great site.

    Yeah, he looks a bit lonely. There's a guy over here who's in a similar spot with a lone chick. He's using mirrors in the brooder for company.

    Ever thought of rearing chicks the natural way, with the mother hen. Doing that right now same as last year with great success.

    Love to have goats but don't have the space day

  2. How funny - to see that little chick in there all alone!
    We lost a chicken (Miss Kirby) yesterday. Not sure what took her out - feathers all over the yard. I'm bummed :-(

  3. Hi there Chris! Welcome to Crow. I like both of you blogs. I love to hear when people decided to embrace the simple life.

    Lisa, I am so sorry to hear that Miss Kirby is gone. The feathers left all over is the part that is most heartbreaking. I gathered up the feathers from when my chickens were hit, so my daughter wouldn't have to see them. ::hugs::


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