Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Tonight I went to see what Earl does in the dark. I couldn't see him so I called his name. I was up on the porch. He found me. My loyal friend.

Where are the treats?

I had to come down and give Earl some donkey hugs. Then I decided to sneak around and get pictures of everybody sleeping.

Oprah the doe-ling and her Momma snuggled in.
In the coop the ducks and young chickens each have their side.

Earl checks the rabbit hutches

Sling Blade and the Buck like to sleep together. I don't judge.

Tetra, the Tetra Tint Pullet sleeps on the barn door while bugs fly.
She starts to wake. Was it me or that spider?
Henny Penny roosting in the barn, awake..
The President Day Chickens like this shelf in the barn.
More night views to come.

Happy New Moon little ones. I am glad you live here.

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