Friday, June 3, 2011


Well, I guess one of the chickens averted the dog attack by hiding. She came home early evening just showed up. From four reds to five reds, just like that. So now the count will be different tomorrow.

Tonight when I was tucking everybody in, I noticed the President Day chickens had skipped snuggling in on the shelf in the barn and opted for perching high in the barn.

Here ends the age of innocence.

I stroked their feathers with my index finger and talked softly to them one by one. They were still visibly shook up tonight. They just couldn't settle. I hung out for awhile talking and lightly touching them so that they would remember that I am safe. I told them I was sorry they were so scared and that they didn't need to be afraid. I would take care of them. I am not sure if they believed me.

I wonder if I was really talking to myself. Projecting my own unsettled feeling. Trying to convince myself to not be afraid. That fear has no business here.

carry on



  1. I'm so sorry you lost 3 of your chickens! i hope the dog is long gone, and doesn't return. We lost one last fall - never did figure out who the culprit was.

  2. Thanks Lisa. I appreciate your kindness. Wishing you and your entire your flock well.


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