Monday, May 30, 2011


I have worked 3 days now with my knee brace on, then off, then on. I have poison ivy all over, and some is located on the inside of my leg, level to the knee. Add the hot weather, sweat, dirt and pain, and it has taken away some of the joy I find in planting.  I am happy to report there was still joy, in the form of satisfaction. I am satisfied of a job well done. I have had a taste of some of the harvest, but the rewards came earlier this season.

We usually buy garden plants at the nursery. But this year I seeded everything. It was, and is, quite an operation. Starting in the kitchen sun-room, the seeds were germinated, then transplanted and moved outside to long tables and then planted in the ground.

The garden is uphill from the house. So I go up, then oops, I forget something, and then back down. Well, you get the drift. Being that we live on a mountain terrain, it makes every little chore that much more challenging. Winter or Summer or the Equinoxes that fall in between, everything takes a bit more effort.

As I was finishing the planting at sunset, the orange glow of light hitting the plants was so beautiful. They looked like they were glowing. I glowed too, inside.


bush beans

waves of lettuce, broccoli and cabbage and the potatoes (deep below the earth)

But on the outside I was dirty.

wash me

Good night from WV,

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