Friday, April 29, 2011

wild frog winds

A whole bunch of tornadoes are coming through the mountains tonight. My weather-girl powers are now activated. As I wrote in previous posts I have a little obsession with the weather. Well, more than a little. Probably a medium obsession. Okay it gets ugly sometimes.

Our weathermen here are not used to these sort of storms that produce tornadoes, straight winds or hail and the like. They are trying their best, but all show signs of nervousness and lots of  stuttering, sweating and apologizing. As a strong cell passed by one of the local TV stations I could actually hear it through the forecaster's microphone. On another station, the stations reports took cover and left only the one weatherman talking. They came back eventually. Then the news lady started asking dumb questions. The weatherman was trying to accommodate her, but there was so much activity and he was trying to warn people to seek shelter in certain areas. Yes, I was channel surfing for more data.

Right now I can see there is another major storm coming on the radar. I am on weather duty. Everybody else went to bed.

Deer my nanny goat is closed in her stall. I prepared for it earlier. The older chickens and my younger flock are in the small barn with her. The buck and the pig have the outer building. I left two rabbits in their hutches. They are super protected. I did bring in Tahoe, my doe who has the four kits inside to a freestanding cage. The babies just opened their eyes like, today, so now they can see Momma! Tahoe does not like it. Rabbits nurse their babies once or twice a day. It is very quick. Now they are following her and she suddenly finds herself being attacked by her own offspring! Imagine.

Another warning now...
Tornadoes in the WV mountains?


I am back We lost our internet while I was writing this post. It has been off for a day or so. We made it through, with no damage. However, I am filled with a sense of sorrow for my neighbors to the South. Luck of the draw. That is how it happens.

I was going to write about a frog I found on my wall the night of the tornadoes. It must have come in when I had the window open, before the storm. I caught it with a mason jar and of course took a few pictures of it. Maybe it was a magical frog that kept us safe. Maybe it was just a frog. It seemed a bit magical at the time though. Take a look at the photos and decide for yourself.

radar frog

the law of three

thank you frog

How very precious life is.


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