Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today it is raining.

There a flood watch out for our area until tomorrow. We also have a wind advisory. I am often watching, talking, and thinking about the weather. Rusty says I am obsessed with weather. I guess if you were to be obsessed about something it is a pretty safe obsession. I don't want to be a meteorologist or anything. However, I am a weather watcher. :-) So the snow we had on Sunday is all but gone and we have rain and it will continue raining. 

The river is swollen and muddy. It should be, we are in the rainy season. I remember last spring when the river came over it's banks. I did some video with my phone. It excited me. Just like the thunderstorms did in FL. Extreme weather wakes up something primal in me and I get a natural high. Maybe that is why I am obsessed about weather. I am a weather addict. 

Now wait, is this unhealthy? Does it interfere with my regular day to day life. Yes. Does it interfere with my relationships. Yes. So, perhaps I need to go through some sort of intervention. I can't sleep when we are having a snow storm. I am tired the next day, and am sometimes cranky.

But wait. Part of my religion/s is to follow the wheel of the year. To reflect or mirror and follow according to the seasons and equinoxes and moon phases.  There is time for hope and birth, to plan ahead, to plant the seeds or put an idea into motion to begin again, to grow and then to be thankful for the harvest and there is the dark time, when it is time for me to look inside myself. 

Noticing each day and what it brings is part of me. I do not know why it pulses in my veins so strongly. It is of my nature. I do not have a choice, even though I have free will. Perhaps it was a past life. Perhaps it began when I was a small child. Who knows. All I really know is that today it was raining. And,

It was another wild and wonderful day in West Virginia.

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