Tuesday, April 26, 2011

bee girl

I sent a woman a link to my blog post: bunnies birds beer cans and bees who goes by Bee Girl. Here is what Bee Girl replied: , "Wow!!! Great pics... awesome blog... happy bees! Yup... you've got a whole lot of girls in there. The yellowish color soaking though is propolis, it's a bee "glue" or "cement" that they use to plug any drafts to keep their babies the per...fect temperature all year round. They will also use it to mummify any predators that get into the hive and can't get out after beeing stung to death. It is also being seen to "entomb" pollen that makes it into the hive in the bee's pollen baskets that contains a high number of pesticides. Propolis has antiseptic, antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, and humans use it in pill and tincture form to fight colds, flus, and fungal infections." 
Bee Girl is great. If you go to her facebook page, make sure you like her and check out her latest photo. It is stunning. She teaches beginning bee-keeping, consults, does hive maintenance, health maintenance, education, honey spinning, referrals, you name it. She has offered to help me get equipped before our hive gets moved from the house to hive boxes. I wish she lived nearby, or even someplace drivable, but she is in Oregon. Great for those of you out on the West Coast. I would love to hang out with her and see how it is done. Especially from somebody who is so enthusiastic! Her name is Sara, but I love to call her Bee Girl. She is a super hero in today's efforts to keep bees happy, healthy, and alive and educate others in the process. It is alarming to read about Colony Collapse Disorder. Bees pollinate many agricultire crops. Probably more than you know. So a super hero she is. She is the new Wednesday's Wild Woman, here at crow. Way to go Bee Girl
"The yellowish color soaking though is propolis" Bee Girl

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