Monday, April 25, 2011


Yesterday in heart's desire I revealed that I have a *plan. I said, "I am content to continue on here". Here, meaning the physical. Here, meaning the spirit. Here, meaning what I manifested. Yes, I take all credit for my own happiness. I surely took the rap for everything else that fell apart around me. I made it easy for others to blame me, because I blamed myself. Even the blame that couldn't conceivably be brought on by any action or in-action I could have made.

Content, is not a dead end. I have found a certain ease at this phase in my life. It is probable there will be times I don't feel this way. Life happens. I get that. However, I am going to get while the getting is good. Not to be confused with getting good-er at getting good. One is about taking, and one is about receiving. Both are all about being grateful.

Here are my short term goals.
  1. Get physically stronger
  2. Obtain a breeding pair of Myotonic goats
  3. Paint more
  4. Prepare for a whole bunch of hatching fowl
  5. Write more
  6. Go on more adventures
  7. Start a clean-up congregation for the Upper Bluestone River
  8. Find a good EA buck
  9. Support Sophia at the WV SS Fair (States)
  10. Begin my rare or endangered livestock plan
  11. Cook and clean more (half hearted about the cleaning)
  12. Meditate more
  13. Seed, plant, and grow more crops and herbs
Not necessarily in that order.

For now, that is my *plan. I think it is a pretty good list. Getting gooder at getting good and getting the good while the getting is good. Good enough. ~crow


*plan may change at anytime for any reason

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  1. We planted trays and trays of seed today. Four varieties of tomatoes, squash, green pepper, more parsley and sweet basil. Tomorrow, will be planting rows of carrots, cucumbers seeds and leaf (salad) basil seeds. In the garden went more rows of cold crop plants. Rain is coming to water it all in.

    Shrinking my list!


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