Sunday, April 3, 2011


We got the temporary chicken run up today. The weather was so nice I brought the chicks outside. They were in shock at first. I mean from going from a brooder to the great outdoors is a big leap into the unknown. Tetra was the bravest of all, of course. She led the flock and poked at that weird green stuff. I talked to them and did my chick "call" and they would feel a bit more brave and run towards my voice. For now I have imprinted on them. Time will tell who it will stick with. Brittany and Sophia love to pick up the chicks and hold them too. So they should be a nice and tame bunch.

The next bunch out of the incubator is another small hatch of chicken eggs. I took out the auto egg turner tonight and will be listening for my peeps and starting my chick call. lol. They should hatch in 3 days. Then, in go the duck eggs to the incubator.. Nicky said she sent 16 eggs! So, this will be a whole new operation! I love the learning curve.

I have been reading and studying kit (baby rabbit), chick and duckling care, hatching, kindling, troubleshooting, etc. It is always good to be well versed in knowledge. Not that I will retain everything, but I think it will settle in somewhere in my Swiss cheese brain.

Spring is a crazy busy time.

I did more planting today. I am going through potting soil like water. My thyme has popped up and is ready to replant. I might go bring some plants out to the fleamarket on Saturday. Sophia has been itching to go. She is like her mama!

Yoda went out to the chicken run late afternoon. He loved his safe freedom and chewed on some greens and hopped around. Tomorrow, I will let Blue Topaz and Tahoe out for some exercise.  I wish I could let them all out at once, but rabbits get very territorial and have a high risk of fighting, unless there are sisters and are raised together. Even then, sometimes it doesn't work.

Tonight I registered my Rabbitry with the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.) and contacted a ARBA Registrar in Bluefield. I hope he is actively working. I was suprised that I found one so close by. It is time for me to get all of that going! Bluestone River Rabbitry. Sounds good huh?

I need to clean my house. Bleh. Oh, and my dryer is broken. Oh well, it is time to start hanging the laundry outside and get a 5 star energy rating! The power company has raised their rates and have another increase pending. Pretty soon electricity/power with be a luxury item. That is why we are getting back to basics.

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