Wednesday, April 6, 2011

who I am

I am a Mother of three. Although mothering three children is what I do, it is not who I am.

I am a wife.This means I chose to be life-partnered with my husband, but this is more about a choice I made. Not who I have become.

I am kind, funny, emotionally intelligent, weird, mindful, affectionate, passive, peaceful, intuitive, curious, spontaneous, weak and strong. I sometimes get sad and it lasts a little longer than I would like it to. But that is my personality or genetics, but it is not me.

I am a writer. I write but it is not the only activity I partake in. A tool really, to push past my mind and make some noises so I can try to make connections or sense, or nonsense.

I am a survivor. Something traumatic that has happened to me, but does not define who I am.

I am an artist. This nudges closer to who I am, as I love to create, think dream etc. It might be a link to who I am, perhaps even a passageway that I have found. Yet does not embody the me that is.

I am spiritual. Ok that is who I am...right? Sometimes. Brief milliseconds when I can connect to my soul/energy/being/thing, that is me. That is the me who looks down at all the rest of  the who's and what's I am then documents it in my subconscious. My subconscious, which is always on watch. But who is the me who watches and interacts with all of that? Who is able to connect to the collective consciousness of the Universe? Is that me?

How can I label anything really, without putting myself in a neatly wrapped box to be presented on occasion.

If I tell you who I am you will most likely not get it right and turn it into who you think I am. And, I can't tell you who I am to help you out with that.




  1. Crows often scare the hell out of me, I have a healthy respect for them.

    I love the 'where crows go' part of your sidebar.

  2. Hi Eden. I have a history with crows. A flock came at a very important time in my life. I had an Epiphany. So I find them comforting in a way that they are messengers. According to some Native American traditions, crow animal medicine is about Universal Justice. Not Man's interpretation of justice. Hence, the poem, the name etc. Thanks for stopping by. ~crow


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