Thursday, April 7, 2011

thymus genus and gallus domesticus

Now that I have established who I am, I am free to go about being me in this world. I am a Farmer today and a little bit of Scientist. Sprinkle some scatter-brain Mom in there too. A mutt of a woman, I am!

Today was primarily spent potting thyme or thymus. It is a pretty little herb and useful too, and not just for cooking. Did you know thyme is an active ingredient in Listerine? It is also in all natural (no alcohol) hand sanitizer. It is an effective treatment of toe fungus. Do you know anybody with yellow thick toenails? All you need to give that person is a thyme plant wrapped with a bow and a smile. Thyme is also used for colds or respiratory infections. The best way to use his herb for cold symptoms in to infuse it in tea. Before antibiotics were so widely used thyme was used for to medicate bandages for wound care. Ancient Greeks used it in their baths and burned it as incense to help induce courage. I felt like I was a bit more courageous than usual today.

Chicks are hatching again! Two blacks and three reds so far. Two of the eggs are pipped and the chicks are peeping through their little holes in the eggs when I say, "hello chickies!" It helps to talk them through the process. So I have chickens,(gallus domesticus) big chicks, little chicks and teeny tiny chicks. It looks like I will have a 100% hatch this time. Funny, I forgot how little chicks are when they are first born. It has only been like what... 25 days since the last hatch!

Don't forget about the 16 ducks eggs cooking in the incubator. :-) I am brave! haha!

Here is the video of little chick hatching with some music from Iron and Wine. Excuse the quality. It get all blurry when I upload directly to blogger.

 Good night from Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

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