Saturday, April 2, 2011

new moon

I went to Tractor Supply today looking for more Tetra Tints. The chicken expert at TS told me that they will lay a light brown egg. Hmm. She is a mystery still. She they might get some more in on Monday. I am so there! They also have some good looking Brahma chicks that I want to purchase. Meanwhile, one of my President Day chicks jumped up and perched today on the broom handle that is laying across the brooders. It is time to get the chicken runs ready! I love it when the chicks finally get to be on the earth and peck at grass and learn how delicious a bug is. :-) Lots to do and luckily tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm. ahhh.

I have some new organic seed starter soil and tomorrow I hope to get some dirt underneath my fingernails, and keep it there!

Also, tomorrow I need to remember to turn off and take out the auto-egg turner and wait for more chickies to hatch. This is perfect timing as Nicky has sent the duck eggs and they will be ready to pop in the incubator pretty much as soon as my new chicks are ready to come out.

The one litter of baby bunnies should be here in a little over a week too!

We are under the new moon and it is the perfect time to start to grow just about anything! This includes ideas, inspiration, or how about this... Let's grow some love and respect for one another. Think before you speak. Energy flows from the very inside of your being to all over the Universe. What is the message you want to send? I seem to visualize this sort of energy like pink billowy fog. If you think this is funny, laugh. lol I think it is funny too. Maybe that is what helps me to lift the pink fog up and out. Packed full of forgiveness, love and peace. You don't have to be all serious and rules-y to send out this sort of a prayer. Let 'er rip! Your way is always the best way.

Until tomorrow,

Blue Topaz, English Angora Rabbit.

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