Monday, April 4, 2011

"waste not, want not"

My duck eggs arrived via USPS Priority Mail. I find it so funny that fertile eggs can be shipped all over the place and then hatched! It happens all over, and every day. Check out eBay. In this link you will find hatching eggs up for bid by the wonderful wild woman who sent me my duck eggs. If you want to try to hatch some ducks out, I can vouch for excellent packing and expedited shipping. Plus she loves her ducks and they are nice and healthy and she has great hatches.

Sophia and I unwrapped each egg slowly and then exclaiming "runner!" "pekin!" as Nicky had marked them. Sophia is going to be my duck assistant. She is already a rabbitry worker and is heavily involved with the care of the chickens. She is in charge of the feeding of the cats as well. That is one of her daily chores. The rest of the animals is my chore, but she is a great help and always by my side. Sophia is just the perfect age to be involved. This could change with her teens, but I am not looking forward, I am enjoying now. Now, is pretty darn great too.

We stopped off at Tractor Supply today. I was hoping for more Tera Tints, there were none, I did pick out a couple of day old Araucanas pullets and some Brahmas straight run (chance of roos or hens). I hope I get one good Rooster and three hens out of that batch. Tractor supply has a limit of six chicks. They now have fencing around the chicks, so you have to have a TS employees get them. No fun. Some kid must have go salmonella or something and the parents sued. Anyway, we have funny looking chickens that will be coming up to join the flock.

I got more dirt too. My new drug of choice. :-) Peppers, tomatoes and squash are up next for seeding. I need to start some worm beds. Buying dirt is a waste, except if you live in FL! But right now I have to get my plants going. I want them to do the wave ~~~ Something always popping up, something always getting potted and something always getting stuck in the ground.

Bunny turds goat crap and chicken poop make great fertilizers and are part of the permaculture plan. Although, old time Farmers don't call it permaculture. They might just call it common sense or how things are done. I think what is considered "green" by my generation, was just plain, "waste not, want not" for my grandmother's generation. Going back to the basics is always a good idea.

The old quilts that I adore are pieces of clothing, feed bags, any textile that could no longer be used for it's original intent would get saved, then pieced together to provide another use. Perhaps that is what draws me to them. Master needle-working was a common practice, training started young. That is where those great antique American samplers came from. The sewing and weaving is going to have to wait for me until next Winter! Ha! I did clean the house today, so I am somewhat of a...

Wonderful, domesticated, yet still Wild Woman, living in West Virginia.

antique linen towel with red-work

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