Saturday, September 3, 2011

wet ass


  1. I think Earl needs a rain mac (and a private loo)x

  2. Hes a beautiful wet ass. There is a field not far from me with donkeys in. Well today everone was pervy rubber necking coz the donkeys were giving everyone a good eye full and they were right at the fence by the road.

  3. I was quite shocked when I first saw how big Earl's part was when it hangs. So, if people have never seen one "relaxed" you can't miss it.

    He wasn't alone in the rain. I worked outside for about 3 hours in the drizzle and he followed me around. I was taking advantage of the cool weather to get the yard picked up and dog houses moved. I finally sat down waiting for the geese to load into the barn, and started taking pictures. Earl gave me a great show! I figured it needed no words.


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