Thursday, September 1, 2011

winged music

I had just sat down at the computer to check my email. Suddenly, I heard the guitar strum. Nobody was home but me. I turned around to see if it had slipped or if it was a cat. What I saw was a moth. A giant gray moth.

My first thought: Was I being visited by a loved one who has passed? Perhaps it was Boom-pa stopping by to play the guitar and say hello. He was quite the guitar player.

I watched the giant moth fly into the dining room. I got up to follow it in, with the intent to catch it and set it free... but it was gone.

I have searched everywhere.


  1. Maybe he'll stop by again. Musical moth :-)

  2. John Gray has turned into a moth? :-)

    I doesn't surprise me at all that you would be visited by magical animals. I hope he comes back and plays you the entire song

  3. Dont you love it when things like that happen.

  4. Wow Crow, I think if I heard my guitar strum on its own, moth or not, my heart would have been in my mouth.

    Next time ask if it will do requests.

    PS Just how big was that giant moth?


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