Sunday, September 4, 2011


I bought some new pools yesterday for the increased number of ducks, and new geese. Big plastic kiddie pools with fresh water. This is what they looked like at the end of the day:

ducky pool

pool in the dying squash garden

 Izzy liked the big drinking bowls.

mucky dog

As did Spaghetti-ohs, the kitty.

this post is not about wet kitties

But the ducks and geese...

mucky ducks

mucky ducks

still love their small, old, broken, mucky water pool.

well loved pool


  1. You love all your creatures so much don't you. It's wonderful! Definitely a well loved pool!x

  2. runners are mucky buggers!

    The job of filling the pond everyday does my head in

  3. If you take away the old mucky pool they will use the new pools as they wont have a choice in the matter. They just dont like change LOL

  4. Our all white Pekin ducks never had a pond, and were never dirty. Are you going to change that water every day?

  5. Maybe they don't like the clear water? Much more natural to have it filthy and brown.

    What you need is a JCB to dig out a REAL pond!
    (Wow, that'd be such fun)

  6. So here is an update: They all decided the pools were a good thing. It has been raining and raining so they haven't used them much. So far, I have the original water in them. The water is not that dirty. So, I am not dumping water today. But I do need to do a watering system. The dirty water should be used for the gardens. Lot's of great liquid fowl poo fertilizer.

    Cro, my ducks like to make baby ducks while in the water. ;-) They all get into a baby making frenzy.

    Chris, what is a JCB? Heavy equipment? I have had thoughts of doing a natural-ish pond. I have a intermittent stream that runs on the side of my property.

  7. JCB - It's a big yellow digger, very common around these parts - usually to be seen driving erratically in the small hours of the morning, down motorways and around building sites, by drunken kids joy-riding.

    Just think of the fun you'd have driving and gouging out a huge hole with a digger!:-)

    The stream will do the rest.

  8. I've come to the conclusion that animals like dirt water...just haven't figured out why!...:)JP

  9. I was going to ask how you knew they like to make baby ducks while in the water but you know , , , nevermind. I trust you.
    I love the little kitty. How does he do with all the ducks? I would think there'd be a ducklette breakfast in there somewhere . . .

  10. Too funny. Familiar is obviously best but it seems that everyone else likes the new pool!


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