Sunday, August 28, 2011

i'm expecting

...a couple of visitors here tomorrow. We are all so very excited. I get to meet a wonderful friend that I have gotten to know only online. This amazing lady is driving up with her friend and neighbor to deliver her 14 ducks and 4 geese to me. I am honored that she has trusted me to care for her flock.

There should be plenty of action going on tomorrow! I am visualizing 3 brunette grown women playing duck, duck, goose! Oh, my neighbor Shirl will have a great show tomorrow. I never really let him down.

I am cooking meatballs in homegrown sauce, over pasta, fresh artisan bread, and some roasted red pepper and herb goat's milk cheese for my weary travelers (the humans, not the flocks.) Peas will be served to the flocks. We have a temporary pen for those who might have adjustment issues. But I am thinking positively. We will all get along just fine.

I will be blogging about their visit and all about those new ducks and geese. I hope they make friends with my gang. They have never seen piglets or a donkey or an Izzy before!

Safe travels my friend, see you for lunch on the green door.



  1. I'm sure your visitors will be impressed with your lovely corner of the world, Crow.

    Envious about the meatballs in homegrown sauce...

  2. So much fun! :-) Hope you have a wonderful time - we're all envious and looking forward to the photos to come [hint hint]

  3. Oh my! Doesn't that sound like fun! Wish I could be there to just watch the antics...:)JP

  4. just caught up with your previous blogs!
    The photo of rusty with the animals could be me!!!

  5. Take lots of pictures! I've gotten see all of those ducks at your house! Sounds like it will be exciting. Have you posted the recipe for your bread? Sounds delish!

    Have fun!

  6. I'm sure they'll all get along just fine. How long do you have them for?

  7. Can't wait to meet the critters!

  8. Crow
    Thank you for a wonderful day. Goats cheese served with olive oil and sea salt crackers, then meatballs in sauce with pasta. Delish uuuus.
    I know my babies have gone to a great home. You truley are a great person with a great big heart.

  9. I'm sitting on edge waiting to see the new arrivals.
    Hope your day went well, with friends sharing a homemade lunch on the green door, how lovely.


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