Monday, July 25, 2011

The kind words of a fellow traveler


  1. Hi Linda.

    Yes, this entry is about you. When I was freshly grieving the loss of our dear Boom-pa, you came along and left me a message on my post, Garden Tribute.

    You see, you never do know how far your kindness will travel.

    My family members, were comforted too, by what you shared. They were touched so much, that they decided to add what you shared on the funeral card. So, everyone who was missing Ray, Dad, Husband, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Friends, Business Associates, neighbors, and Brothers and Sisters in Christ, were also comforted by your loving gesture.

    with gratitude, crow

  2. That's wonderful! I hope that you're doing alright.

  3. Kind words indeed travel far. You know you have lots of support here.

  4. Oh Crow, I am touched to tears that that poem was able to bring comfort to your extended family. It is the poem I hope to have read at my own funeral. Thank you so much for telling me and sharing the photos. I will treasure this.
    When we lose a patient in the hospital one of the things I like to do is have the family members and friends present tell us the now-deceased patient's favorite things [hobbies, favorite foods, favorite vacation spots]. I hope that someday you will share those things about Boom-pa in a post here.
    xx Linda

  5. Thanks Lisa, Chris, and Linda. I am doing fine. Knowing Boom-pa was a man who had a great full life, including finding the love of his life brings a sense of peace. They were married 63 years. He loved to hear about our ventures towards this self sustainable life-style.

    No regrets, only love.

    Linda, Rusty wrote the Eulogy, which we all were welcomed to add our reflections and memories. I may post it, with Rusty's permission. Actually, it was a family affair, as his Uncle is a Pastor, and performed the services both in the chapel and grave-side. They both did very well.

    Boom-pa was a Navy Veteran during WWII, and was buried with military honors. It was very touching. I have to say I have never felt more patriotic.

    I too would love for that to be read upon my passing, to comfort others I leave behind. I don't want a funeral though. I will be fine. I want to simply have someone scattered my ashes in the mountains, so my body can return to back to the earth.


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