Friday, July 29, 2011

travel in meditation


  1. I went to a group meditation for awhile. We would do guided meditations, the leader would not tell us what to think but would guide us to our own safe place to explore.

    In my meditation I went up these stairs with dust and cobwebs on them. I opened the door and found my place.

    It was a real place I visited in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, after a long hike in the morning. There was a clearing, and the dew sparkled on the tips of the grass. There were baby birds in that grass, and a chipmunk hopped up next to me, obviously wanting a treat.

    Anyway, in that meditation I was there. After some time, I think the leader of the meditation group suggested we go open up a door to go speak to our higher self (the part of us who are connected with God or the great collective consciousness) I opened the door, and there she was, my higher self. She looked exactly like me, BUT she had no worry on her face. It was a worry free me, who knew that everything would be for my highest and best good. She was beautiful. You know the inside-out beauty that can't be fabricated. I saw me, the higher-self me.

    I don't remember what else went on during that session. But I remember coming out of the meditation and being able to carry some of that with me.

    That is what meditation does for me.


  2. Hi Kim, I so wish I where even half way into healing as you are. That sounds so peaceful, although I myself would be scared as to what I would come across.

  3. Very nice :-) I am amazed at how different each of our experiences are. And yet how much the same they are.
    I can always tell I'm 'almost there' when my arms start to feel long [I dont know how else to explain it] and then I stop thinking. The words in my head just stop. What starts with 'what should I meditate about?' 'I wonder how ____ is?'God you know I ____' All those thoughts . . .stop. I understand and feel understood but my head is void of thoughts. The first time 'I got there' I was floating in the pool. First of all - I didn't know how to float [now it's a joke with me and Terry 'hey! watch me float! watch me float!!!'] At first I thought I had fallen asleep and had been asleep for hours - it had been only minutes.
    Although I detest getting water in my ears floating in the pool seems to be my ticket - the sounds of the world muffled. It is simply the most peaceful place I have ever been.
    Sometimes I wonder if my reluctance to float IS that reluctance to let go

  4. The meditation leader always kept it safe. We would clear the room on negative energy and place the guardians in all four quarters to watch over us while we meditate.

    We are more similar then we are different. That is for sure. I took like to look at the similarities.


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