Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iron and wine

One of my favorite videos...



  1. I just stumbled onto you via Farmchick and Bolte Farm, WV. It looks as if you have quite an interesting blog. I’ll be back, but I want to say right away that your paintings interest me (I wonder if you should feature them more on the homepage--I just lucked onto them because I've heard that crows like sparklies).

    For the moment, I especially like the gracefully posed woman, floating in blue and holding a bright yellow-green ball of light. I’m a retired English teacher with no training in the visual arts, so with no qualifications or authority, I say Nice Going.

    Also, to some, this sentence of yours might sound like canned truth, but I like it. “Right now there is nothing better than right now.“

  2. Hello sweet Crow.

    There was a crow in our front yard yesterday, and Max said, "Oh, I HATE crows mum they are freaky." And I thought of you and I said mate, they are magical creatures. They're pretty cool, really. And he kind of looked at it differently.

    Can you please email me your postal address, so I can post you a Buzzy Bees book?

    Thanks hon. -eden.


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