Friday, July 29, 2011

I think I am back.

After I had written many post, only for them to disappear, I began whining and begging to blogspot. I shared all of the details with blogspot's help page, with no response. I searched and commiserated with fellow bloggers who are too having the same problem. It's not me, ok? Well, after all of that... I ended up on my own, and left to my own devices.

I found a setting to where I could switch to "the old editor" so I figured, heck ya. I will take any editor. I would write it on a page and take pictures of my paper blog if I had to.

So, I go to post and blogger is changing everything to Hindu as I typed. I wrote a post in Hindu. I liked it. I quoted The Four Great Goddess Mantra, because I liked the meaning. Then I went and found a option to disable other languages.

So, you may be wondering what is going on here in my little slice of WV. As usual, it is a three ring circus! So here is a run-down.

  1. Recovered from travel and a funeral.
  2. Caught up with home duties-- almost, the garden is screaming at me.
  3. Hosted a birthday dinner for my oldest daughter, she is 20. (I know right?)
  4. Helped my oldest move her stuff out, so she can live closer to school and work. She has a nice place, $400 a month, all inclusive. Plus she has a roommate. She is set.
  5. Pulled bush bean plants.
  6. Cold water all day for all my animals. Heat wave.
  7. Green bean canning
  8. Went through stuff to bring to the Flea Market. I have too much stuff.
  9. Threw away crap
  10. Cancelled Flea market for tomorrow. I decided I have too much going on.
  11. Getting the farm ready for 16 more souls who will be moving in tomorrow.
  12. Listed items on eBay (I bet you didn't know that about me) and Craig's list to try to fund my new animals and poultry. It is my gig, so I have to be able to keep it all afloat.
  13. Began a new facebook page, WV Chickens, and a Blog to go with it along with the website. Check it out if you like chickens and WV, or if you just like me.

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That is a quickie, I will be back writing away about my new gang.

~ क्रो


  1. Your website link does not work, all other links do tho!. Yes your back, at last, I hope it keeps working for you. All eggcited to see the new babies, lots of photos are a MUST!! a BIG FAT MUST!

    Mary had a Boer buck delivered yesterday, on loan from someone down the way, so my goats will be going on vacation for a while and come back pregnant. All kids will be for sale! I WILL NOT BE KEEPING ANY...remind me that please when they are born and full of oh so cute innocence and joy.

    Nicky. x

  2. How exciting! I am so an enabler though... I am not sure I can fight that urge myself. I am already thinking... How do I get to Nicky's to buy a Boer goat kid doe. LOL!

  3. Oh and add to your list...

    ...'won the Grow Fish eat competition and am now the proud owner of a new Opinel No.8 pocket knife'!

    Well done you.

    Send me over your postage details to the e-mail below and I'll get it over to you asap.


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. What me? ::stands in spotlight::

    I am so excited! Look out world, I am packin'!

  6. I saw that post in Hindu! I didn't try to read it though, lol!

    I miss a few years ago when things sold on Ebay for so much higher. Now hardly anyone bids anymore.


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