Saturday, March 12, 2011


So wow what a great day yesterday was and another fantastic day in progress today.

I ended up with three English Angora Wool Rabbits Two blues and a lynx. The buck (boy) is the lynx. His name is Yoda, The two does are blue and their names are Blue Topaz and Tahoe. Tahoe was a surprise pick. I am so happy that she joined my new herd. These are purebred rabbits and two are registered. The third has no disqualifications and is slated for registration. I will have plenty of pictures and stories to follow.

Why did I choose this breed? Well, they are a eco friendly sustainable animal to raise. I plan to learn how to spin the wool later. Right now I am focused on the housing and grooming. These beauties need to be groomed every week. The wool will be harvested from the rabbit and will be gathered and stored. The pellets will make great organic fertilizer for the garden. They will also bring a new flavor here. They are so friendly and have wonderful personalities. Blue Topaz is a bit timid. But my new friend and rabbit guru Sara says she may get a better attitude after she is bred. Breeding will happen soon. It is Spring for heaven's sake!

More to follow...

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