Monday, March 7, 2011

Introduction 1 - Sling Blade

OK, it is break time from my Spring cleaning.

I took this photo yesterday after our little adventure. I am going to introduce everybody here at the "beet farm" in future blogs. This is our pig Sling Blade. Rusty named him. "uh-huh". He joined us in the fall after we saw a piglets for sale sign at a local farm. He is a friendly little guy. Sling Blades "likes" are food and 'tillen. He LOVES cookies and feeding him gives me great joy. You can't help but smile in his presence. He most always has a dirty nose, which is a sign of his happiness. 

Sling Blade is particularly happy right now. We moved him the day before yesterday to the garden. We had to electrify the fence to keep him in and safe and keep out predators. The dog run is close by, so the alarms will sound if anything or anybody strange comes into our territory. One of my neighbors told me that coyotes were after his goats. We have not seen any coyotes since we have lived here and our goats (you will meet them later) are about two years old. I think our dogs do a good job of deterring predators. Sling Blade could do without dogs, but he ignores them and doesn't give them any of his energy. Pig are very smart, and have a keen sense of smell. Maybe that is why he ignores the dogs! 

I just went out to feed and water everybody and of course Sling Blade. I stepped into the pen and gave him some good scratches on his back. He was warm from the sun and I told him he was a good buy. He has his whole area tilled. Amazing. 

I am thankful for the laughter and smiles he brings and he deserves many cookies for doing the job of a plow or rototiller. He is about as green as you can get. He takes no gasoline to power and only leaves fertilizer. It is a 50/50 relationship.

You may be thinking to yourself "Are you going to eat him?" Well, our plan is not to. Our goal is to be self sufficient here and grow quality food. I think if we begin to raise animals to eat, we probably shouldn't name them. :-)

Yet, another Wild and Wonderful day in West Virginia!


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