Monday, March 14, 2011


I just happened by the website of the Princeton Poetry Project. I had forgotten that two of my written works have been published in Holler under my alias Willow Crow. I thought I had given them much better poetry, but the director really wanted "The Poet". It is number 22 in the first publication. I believe I was in the second publication as well for my poem "Buzz". It is not online, so I shall post it here.

She, the keeper of all bees
I study her studying me
as I inch close to bumbles
I want to kiss them
fuzzy in sweet azalea

Timidly she steps back
Honey, the explanation is easy
Just love them, feel, look
see, the way they almost float
bloom to bloom

Eye inching to wing,
feeling the buzz holding my breath
The bee keeper peeping over my shoulder.
As if my bones became a force field
Ah, like tiny humming birds..., look

We hum, the bee keeper and I
in wonderment with bright yellow awe
The tiny winged creatures with stingers grateful
for the audience of sound and eyes
this the gift, the bees will keeper safe

Now, off to my wonderful bed with my wild covers.

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