Monday, March 14, 2011

Hi to my peeps.

Today I heard some peeps coming from the eggs. 21 days today. I set them in the incubator on Presidents day. So they will all be named after a President or First Lady. It will be fun. I keep telling myself, don't count your chickens before they hatch. But, shouldn't I just infuse them with love and life? I am always attached to my chickens, but for some reason, being with them from conception (well almost) gives me a deep sense of joy. Pictures to follow! I am going to be staring at the eggs all day! "The woman who stares at eggs."

Meanwhile, I brought Miss Blue Topaz to Yoda's cage. He did his job, but she did not do hers. I know she is ready. She did not "lift" last time out either. I will give her time. Perhaps she will be Sophia's show rabbit. She is beautiful. Nice color and shape and has a nice coat. We will see. She is the timid doe out of the two blues.

But Miss Tahoe went to visit Yoda and it was over in about 3 minutes. Yoda mounted her, she lifted and then Yoda made the connection and promptly fell over. In rabbit mating the male usually flops over after he has "hit it" and is done. I have no further comment regarding this behavior. :-)

Tahoe, Blue Topaz, Yoda
Blue Topaz

My goodness it has been wonderfully wild here today!

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