Sunday, March 20, 2011


I was so busy today that I had forgotten that today is the Spring Equinox and because I follow the Wheel of the Year it is a holiday for me, called Ostara. The reason I forgot is because I was planting my cold crop starts in larger containers. I have so much more planting to do! But it occurs to me now that planting was my celebration. It is a celebration of new life. Resurrection comes in Spring, in many forms, and people celebrate this religiously or not. People who are often pessimists find themselves becoming more optimistic. The first pops of plant bulbs that have been sleeping all winter deep beneath the earth, suddenly are born again. Fertile animals begin their reproduction. It is everywhere. What we name it all is personal. But there is a collective energy simmering. It is no wonder that many religious paths have days of significance to their followers. Easter is celebrated the first Sunday after the full moon (the Paschal full moon) following the Equinox. Passover is also celebrated according to the first full moon after the spring equinox. There are other celebrations in the Near East and in Asia. It is all very interesting to me. Interesting in a good way too. I like noting how similar we are contrary to out beliefs and traditions. We all get the fever, Spring fever that is. Whether it is plant life, animals, people, or our planet Earth, we all are beating to the same drum. We are all ruled by the sun. Today without knowing it I too worshiped... 

in the most wild and wonderful way here in West Virginia. 
Happy Spring!

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