Friday, March 25, 2011

Pots, feathers and a fix

Today I am seeding my herbs and two different tomatoes. My other seedlings are re-potted and seem to love the room and new nutrients. I don't think I need to bring the plants in and out to harden as I originally planned. We are having a cold spell here this week and this should help them be ready for planting in the ground. My neighbor Shirl said if there is Thunder in February, there will be a freeze in March. He said he didn't read it anywhere, he just knows it. I am inclined to believe him. He is an old man and has lived on these mountains for his whole life. He is talking from his experience and perhaps a tad bit of intuition.I will share more plants with him as they sprout.

My daughter Brittany brought Blueberry home from the vet last night. She got spayed and her rabies vaccination. Brittany payed for it with her hard earned money. Rusty does the vaccinations himself, except for the rabies. Blueberry seems to be fine today. She just wants to chew on everything! One pillow, the button of a shirt and the edge of a throw. That was just this morning. I guess she is bored. I will have to go up to Brittany's room and get some of her toys. :-)

My chicks are showing feathers now. I think I need two brooding boxes to give them some room.  It is probably good timing, because I can lower the temp for them 10 degrees every week. One light should be enough to warm both boxes.

I have more eggs incubating now and a Facebook friend, has offered to send me duck eggs! Oo0 I still haven't started my hatch series of photos yet, but maybe tonight I can get busy.

Off I go into the wild!

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