Saturday, March 26, 2011

bugs and birds

Rusty said he signed me up for a Benthics training on April 1st. How can you do any training on All Fools Day? I think I might bring the remote fart machine. We own one. *proud moment*  Anyway, half the day is inside learning about collection and testing of benthic macroinvertebrates for water quality purposes. The other half of the day we will be in the field at Kanawha State Park. I will only use the remote inside. ;-). I think he wants me to go in the field with him as the Spring collection time is coming and it will be a busy time for him. It involves trudging through streams and hiking in a very mountainous area. I should shed the Winter pounds and get some great photography in the process or I will fall over and croak.

I am going to have to take some photos of the President Day chicks. They are getting so pretty. Their feathers are growing over night. They seem ravenous. They are drinking and eating machines, which means they are pooping machines. I have had chicks before, but I think I am more in tune with these guys. If you have heard of crazy cat ladies, I have turned into a crazy chicken lady. I am not alone either! Check out   there are thousands of us.

Tomorrow brings another day of planting. I am running out of room. I planted 72 basil , 72 parsley and 72 thyme, added to the broccoli, cabbage, and romaine plants and there is not much room left around here. My dining room has turned into my work area. I need a greenhouse. I want a greenhouse. I am not sure which it is. I would love to have a little pond inside and a rain barrel watering system.  I could grow plants all year and have a major jump on Spring.

Oh what I could do...

here in W.W.WV


My cool truck. For local use only.

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