Friday, December 23, 2011

traditional best

 Yule has come and so starts the celebration. We are a mixed bunch here; a Buddhist, a few Pagans, a Agnostic, a Christian, and a Universal Believer. A colorful bunch we are. But we do hoist up that Yule tree. I know Christ should be put back in the tree, but really the Christmas tree comes from Pagan roots. Most Pagans are pretty used to sharing though. You might think because I say that I must be dancing with the devil and stuff. Problem is: I don't believe in that Christian deity, therefor I can't rock around the Christmas tree with that horned guy. It's a Yule tree here.

 Let me give you a glimpse of holiday preparations here. It is nothing fancy, but very eco-friendly with my vintage ornaments mixed with some years of collected newer ornaments. The kids have grown to love them. It was love at first sight with me. I love old stuff.

I Spy for Owen

perfectly imperfect

somebody showed up

they are like ants, but cuter

oh she is up to no good

home invasion
 So, I figured I better make a refreshment to help calm myself. I am no Martha Stewart, but this is a great holiday cocktail that can be made in a virgin state or a spiced up mix.

Start with some spiced dark rum, eggnog, whip cream, nutmeg and a vessel.

that tattoo stuff is dark and crazy spicy


add eggnog


add whipped topping


Especially yummy after coming in from feeding the animals in the rain. Warmed me right up. One of my dogs got to my beverage before I did, so I have to make another. I also popped some gingerbread in the oven, as  I had a chill and gingerbread makes everything right in the world.

baking gingerbread
Tonka our dog opened some presents from under the tree early. He smelled candy. So, poor Sophia had to disobey her Nanny and was forced to enjoy her gift before the 24th. I remember having to wait... it was so hard to wait as a child, but we got to open the presents from my Aunt Jeanne on the 24th, Christmas Eve.

So tonight the new tradition is to fix your dog a cocktail and let them open you forbidden gifts. However, I am still sticking with elf appearances, comfort foods and remembering more simple times.

Happy Holidays, Ya'll.


  1. Yup, I like getting out ageing decorations from a stored-away box too. Sadly all our really old stuff is in some loft back in the UK.

    I thought we were having a quiet 'Christmas' this year, but already it's been a bit riotous. Have a good one. Bisou, Cro.

  2. It's so good to see you again! Beatiful! Peaceful! Wonderful and wild :-)
    Stay warm and know that you are loved from afar

  3. May you all have a great time at this time of year where you will over indulge in good food and lots of spicy egg nog. Love to you all. xxxx Nicky

  4. Hope you're all having a very happy (hic) Christmas.



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