Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas dumpster diving

You know, we get produce throw-away from a local market. We receive the items in a bag and it is quite neat and tidy. Sometimes we buy boxes of bananas for a dollar a box, but mostly the items are free. I have made many banana bread loaves from this produce.

We checked with another market, and unfortunately, their policy is to throw it all out, in the dumpster. Luckily, the produce folks put their toss-outs in a box, usually on top. Today, this is what Rusty and Nick brought home for our animals.

a pumpkin, cucumber, tomatoes, apples, green peppers, doughnuts, and pudding

collard greens, black raspberries, bananas, romaine lettuce, cabbage, and pears

loaves of bread - no mold

Best if PURCHASED by date.

these bananas are perfect for baking, but today's went to the pigs and goats

$2.99 bag of greens

yummy $2.99

Earl loves magical dumpsters

Nick and my his dog Tonka, enjoying the animals enjoying their food
It feels good to give our animals such a variety of whole foods. We usually don't get doughnuts and pudding, but the pigs loved the pudding and both the dogs and pigs shared the doughnuts. It is a Holiday. Why not?

But what if I was hungry? What if I could not feed my children? Doesn't this food look edible? Wouldn't the hungry be grateful for something to eat? I would. I am not saying the poor should eat out of dumpsters, I am saying I would. I think all of this food "waste" should be re-distributed. I don't know how, but I do know that we are a country that wastes food. Me included.

One dumpster, one day.


  1. Oh how I hate WASTE. I do, of course, have a compost heap, but that's for the good of the soil. Otherwise NOTHING is ever thrown away.

    I have heard of folk going to their local supermarket 15 mins before closing, just to pick up bargains. Not a bad idea.

  2. I hate waste too, just hate it!

    It's at an all time criminal high here in the UK where the supermarkets dump massive amounts of produce they can't sell.

    Looks like you've struck gold there Crow.

    (PS - Yet again(!!!) my bloody pc went down with my e-mail addresses - hint, hint)... ;-)

  3. It is a darn shame how much food we waste. I sent all my peelings and ends and stubs out to the field yesterday in hopes that some deer will find it, or maybe a hungry squirrel. Good for you bringing that home to your animals. I see nothing that looks totally non-edible. Hope you had a nice Noel Holiday. I did.

  4. By chance I came across this documentary on Netflix:

    It was eye-opening.

  5. You would be amazed and appalled at the waste in the ER. Currently there is a shortage of morphine in AZ BUT to give 2mg I have to 'waste' 8mg. Frequently a patient gets three 2mg doses which means I 'waste' 24mg . . of a drug in shortage. A laceration tray might be opened to get a single tool out and the rest of the kit is thrown in the garbage - we aren't allowed to donate it to Medical Mercies or even to a vet's office. Nuts don't you think?


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