Friday, July 8, 2011

wee, wee, wee

all the way home...

Guess what was for dinner.

I harvested until dark tonight, after the rain stopped. I only got to three bushes of beans before the night swallowed me up. I brought my harvest down to the green door (table) and thought I would show you all what we else we are eating...

Probably wont eat it all tonight though. The cucumbers came from Shirl. He also gave me a bunch of less than perfect apples, "for your critters" he said. It was very thoughtful. He told me the color of my bean bushes were perfect. (That sounds funny.) But he did say that, and I felt a little pride well up inside of me. He also was impressed with my squash plants. He told me to keep picking the squash young, and the plants will keep giving. I kept picking.

For so reason, today, reminds me of the book, The Giving Tree.



  1. Is that . . . ???
    I met someone in the ER today and thought immediately of you. She runs an organic farm a few miles from here [didn't know there was one!] and will be at the farmer's market in the morning [so will I now :-) ] We talked about your rabbitry and how she would like to raise rabbits but didn't think they would do well in the 110+ temps of our desert.
    Wish it were you at market tomorrow with your lovely veggies.

  2. I would give you all my squash, for one dip in your lovely pool. :-)

    It was really nice that you thought of me. :-)

  3. That's a lot of "Not For Sale" Pork. ^_^;

    And SO much squash! I can't imagine eating it all before it spoils. Everything looks delicious, Crow!

  4. Hell Yeah! You have Garlic Bread!

  5. Your harvest looks amazing... what are you going to do with all that squash? I LOVE LOVE LOVE fried squash.... here's a link to how I fix it (I THINK the link will work... if not, it's my blog post from July 28 of last year called Fruits of our Labor -- sometimes I can't get the links to work??)

  6. Hailey Marie, I know! Even if I had them for breakfast lunch and dinner.I could never eat taht much. I am looking to share!

    Thanks Stephanie! I am always looking for a new way to eat the veggies.

    Anonymous, I know you are Rusty. That sense of humor is hard to cover-up. :P

  7. That sure is a lot of squash! My husband said that we will be able to pick some this evening from our garden! Yeah! He also said that there should be some on there every day this week to pick! If I end up with too much I'll take some to church to give away there.

    Have a Great Day!

  8. I was in the garden until night last night too. And I didn't get to the green beans at all, so I need to get back down there! We had our first cucumber though :-)

  9. Oh doesn't that squash look great!...:)JP

  10. Incredible harvest Crow, and it's just the beginning!

    Put's things into sharp focus when you see (.....) in the freezer.

    This is real life, honest, decent and true..


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