Wednesday, July 13, 2011


If you are the praying type, send a little light in the direction of Rusty's grandfather and his family.

After two strokes and two years, his kidneys have failed and he will be transitioning soon. I stayed home to take care of everything. Rusty is there with him, and with Granny, to give her support. I sent a smooth, round, dark gray river stone with Rusty. I had just unearthed it today, before I got the news. I held it in my hands, it was cool and it immediately brought me to the river...

It probably originated from The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I have always brought home a stone or rock from places I have visited. For me, they bring back the energy on that place, and how I felt there. It is a sacred place.

To me, rivers are the most amazing bodies of water that exist. They come from a source, a single drop of water or smaller, where they are born. Rivers have a destination, a place to flow and go. They pass by the mountains and fields, and some polluted places too. Rivers have carved out their path here on earth. Sometimes the river bed is low, and sometimes it floods it's banks. Rivers always carry a life force that never ends... it just flows into the great sea, waiting to be born again..

So representative of our human journeys.

Boompa is a deeply religious man. Quiet, wise and kind. A salt of the earth kind of guy. I know Jesus will be there for him. Like an old friend waiting for his believer, a shining example of god's handiwork.

I hope he can feel the river in the rock I sent, as he makes his final journey to the Great Sea.

See you later Boompa.



  1. Sending special thoughts to Boompa.
    Nicky x

  2. Thanks Nicky, and welcome to my comment box. ;-)

  3. Beautiful. I'm right there with you on rocks and rivers.

  4. We walked in and it was dark and quiet. As we approached the bedside he stirred and his eyes focused on me. I told him who we were and asked if recognized us and he nodded and made an affirmative sound. He held out his hand and I held it and talked to him about the mid-summer changes, the raspberries to dewberries to blackberries that he loves. I placed the stone between our hands and told him of the wishes from you and Sophia. He half smiled and nodded. We talked more and soon he drifted back to sleep.

    Warren (Rusty)

  5. Sending light, love, thoughts and prayers to Boompa and your whole family during this transition.

  6. Thinking of Boomba and your family today. May your memories be sweet and his passing peaceful.
    Reading Rusty's comment - I love the connection that you guys have. He is clearly your soulmate.
    I love your tradition of bringing home a rock from where you visit - I may to give that some thought.
    "waiting for him like an old friend". lovely lovely sentiment. Crow, you are simply amazing.

  7. What a lovely tribute, Crow. My condolences...:)JP

  8. Beautiful and touching post... thinking of you and Boompa.

  9. Well said Crow. River's have such a huge life energy because they're so full of life. There's nothing like fishing a river, just on your own, listening to the sounds of the water and the wildlife around you.

    Love to Boompa.

  10. Wishing him much peace. Thinking of you both!

  11. Thank you all for your kindness.


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