Tuesday, July 5, 2011

how on earth?

"When people ask me, "How did you get interested in animals and nature?" I reply, "How on Earth did you lose your interest in animals and nature?"
Sir David Attenborough

first tomatoes

a different variety
no stakes
time to weed... again
one of the surviving cucumber plants
duck food (formally broccoli)


  1. Those are some good-looking green tomatoes you have there. Our poor garden is a bit behind schedule since we had so much rain in the spring (difficult to plant a garden in the MUD!)... so our tomato plants are merely blooming... the plants look healthy this year though. Your cucumber plant looks about like ours... I'm trying my best to baby them along! Great-looking garden!

  2. That's weird Crow, I only have one surviving Cucumber plant too. The others just decided to shrivel up.

    Last year I had a glut of Cucumbers so what's going on?

    Better get weeding Crow...

  3. Your poor broccoli! At least the ducks are eating well..

  4. That's a whooole lot of tomatoes! What are you going to do with them? Ever try 'fried green tomatoes'? That's what's on the menu tomorrow here at my house - using up the LAST of my beefsteaks
    Lovely garden

  5. Oh I LOVE that quote! Definitely going to have to remember that!
    Your tomatoes/tomato plants look wonderful!
    I'm jealous.
    LOL on the "duck food (formally broccoli)!!!!


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