Sunday, June 26, 2011

goats milk cheese

The goat's milk cheese turned out delicious. The herbal mix was just right. Fresh basil, parsley, oregano, and baby garlic, straight from the garden. Milk, fresh from the goat. The roasted red pepper added a nice flavor too. We made another batch today. No recipe needed!

roasted red pepper, garlic and herb goat's milk cheese

painted milking stand - much more charming

fine detail

It is very calm and quiet without Sling here. Other than one very noisy girl pekin duck, and Earl's occasional bray. Oh and my mean rooster crowing, who is fresh out of jail..

Off to pick berries to make cobbler. I am not too upset to eat.



  1. That cheese looks delicious! And all I have in the house is some cheddar...:(JP

  2. lovely blog. just has a nice mooch!

  3. That cheese looks FAB and I love what you have done with the milking stand!


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