Wednesday, May 4, 2011

searching in america

It just occurred to us that our Rhode Island Red rooster may have been the attacker to my Brahma chicken, who is now located in the freezer. (The chicken, not the rooster.) It explains the hawk like wounds. Tomorrow, I will put the other Brahma up in the "teenager" run. That way it can be with my other younger Brahmas, Araucanas, and the second hatch chickens and live safely behind the wire fence. The Brahmas are a bit slow so perhaps it was an easy target. But if I catch him hurting the flock, he will have to be put in solitary until he chills out. Most chicken owners would tell me to put him in a pot with noodles. But he is a fine looking rooster. Just gorgeous and proud. I don't want to make him out to be a terrorist. I have had enough of that. Maybe he is protecting his favorite hen. Maybe he is like a Navy Seal, a wise, stealth commando.

About all of that. I am not joyous and celebratory about killing. I do have more of an emotional reaction to the victims of terrorist's attacks. I have a tremendous amount of compassion for their families who are left alone, trying to make sense of the senseless. It makes no sense, in my mind either. I can't seem to put it all nice and neat in the good and bad compartments. Getting mad at the perpetrator, doesn't resolve the fact that humans do terribly cruel things to their own kind, their own species.  Ancient civilizations have imploded on themselves and simply disappeared as a result. Even Americans have turned on Americans, Why do we do that to ourselves?

I told Rusty last night that I keep on searching Osama bin Laden face in all the video and pictures. I look for a sign of evil, of something sinister in his eyes, something... but I don't see it. He looks to me like he could be a yogi just as easy as a mass murderer. It is just an observation by me. Please don't think I am anti American. It is just like his facial expressions seems... quiet. Look at the man for yourself and see if you see anything evil. I am interested to hear from you if you do. I am not talking about what he did. I am talking about how he looks. Perhaps he does truly believe he is doing God work. He looks peaceful to me.

Nothing died here at the farm today. There are the most beautiful blue swallow pair making a nest in the birdhouse. I saw the most gorgeous bright yellow and black tiny birds before the rain came today. There were other tiny birds with them, brownish, I thick they might have been mates. They lightened my heart. This flock of tiny birds, surviving beautifully.

Yes, for those we have lost, for them, we must survive... beautifully too..


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