Saturday, May 7, 2011

mental health

  After the market today, I fed the animals, hung out two loads of laundry and sat down at my computer to download some rabbit photos. After awhile, I heard Rusty knock on the window and tell Sophia to tell me to come outside. I walk out the door, and look what I see...

Earl the Donkey
I could not believe my eyes. First, because we had just bought a shop vac (lol) and that I assumed was my present. I wanted it for my angoras. I also bought a couple cute things at the market and was happy as could be. Well, I was so shocked to say the least. I did not hear the people pull up. I did not hear Earl let out a HEE-HAW at the dogs while they lead him down. (I was told later.) I sensed nothing, until I walked out the door and saw what I have been asking for, since we moved in to the farmhouse. I even asked Santa. The real one.

Earl is a four year old miniature donkey.

He is a "Jack" because he is a boy.

He is sweet and gentle.

Sophia and Earl. She loves him too.

Earl likes us too, even though his ears are back.

Earl has come to his forever home.

Earl (he came with the name and I kinda like it) is from Alabama. He has been a "pet" since he was born. He recently moved to WV. Where he was living before, there was another Jack and Earl did not get along with him, at all. So the other Jack had seniority (he was 24 years old).And my Earl was advertised. He came from the Flat Top Mountain area.

Earl is more than a gift. He is the manifestation of a dream. He is the manifestation of hope. We are here to stay, here nestled in the mountains of West Virginia. Here, in our home.

After playing with Earl, I had a pink rose, home decor magazine, and chocolate chaser. Compliments of Brittany when she got home after work. I asked Brittany if she wanted to lead Earl around and she said yes. She instantly loved Earl as well. He followed her, gently and I saw my 20 year old working, stressed out college student, melt back to a carefree 10 year old girl. Brittany (practical, practical Brittany) asked me what purpose a donkey was to the farm. Everybody has a purpose here after all.. I thought for a minute, and answered her. I said he was here for, mental health.

So wild, so frickin' wonderful, I can barely contain myself.

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  1. Lucky you !
    I want a donkey so bad I dream about it at night.
    In my younger days, I used to run donkeys on the sandy beaches of Wales and Blackpool in England.
    Giggly tourists on Summer holidays use to ride them up and down the beach, I have never forgotten those magical times with my long-eared friends.


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