Friday, May 6, 2011

bad news

I notice on my blog stats, that if there is a debate going on on my facebook page my views here go way up. Not that I am a huge fan of debate. Debate sounds like an argument to me. I would rather talk to somebody. As in hear them, and hopefully, they make an attempt to hear me. In conversation, I am listening. I don't think you can communicate with somebody unless both people are listening, or at least one person is. Sometimes all you have to do is listen. Maybe that is all a person really needs, to be heard. That is a conversation as well.

You know, bad news does travels faster than the good. The television news stations always highlight the grittiest crime on their broadcast. Or perhaps a horrific accident. They don't open the news with "Church holds fundraiser for tornado victims in the South." It might get a spot later on in the broadcast, but not the highlights. If TV stations did, I am sure less people would be ready to tune in at 5:00 for details.

I like to see the positive in each day. I like to talk about it. So, here are some pictures of my herbs, and the start of my garden. Super boring. Super beautiful. Stay tune for more of the mundane!



early crops
romaine, cabbage, broccoli

romaine, cabbage, broccoli
two rows of carrots
I am going to the market tomorrow! Whohoo!

to market to market jiggity-jig


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