Monday, April 11, 2011


My sweet lil' Tahoe (an English Angora rabbit doe) is due to kindle on Wednesday. Her nest is in place and she seems to be arranging and rearranging the contents which include, her wool, pine shavings and some nice second cut hay that my sweet neighbor had delivered here by her son. I wrapped Tahoe's hutch tonight after the sun went down to make sure there are not drafts. It is supposed to get cold the next few days and I want her kits to stay warm and cuddled in. I hope she does well. From what I understand, first time mothers are not always successful. I haven't seen any percentages, but it sounds like it is a 50/50 chance to have alive kits, that stay alive. New moms can accidentally stomp them, or drag them out of the nest while they are attached to a teat. There can be cannibalism too. I guess they have an instinct to rid of any blood scent to protect the nest. So, they can eat their young. Yuck. I have been talking to her calmly and making sure she is doing ok. Her belly is big!

My other doe Blue Topaz, is due to kindle the following week. I need to take her prime wool by the end of this week and set her nest. She has really fluffed up into a huge puff-ball. We will do a photo-shoot before I harvest the wool. Quite a looker, but she does not like to be handled. I am still working with her on this. I am not sure what her deal is. I heard that mothering sometimes settles them down. I will see.

All I can do is to keep the energy calm and hope for the best. I will keep you posted.


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