Saturday, April 16, 2011

full moon birth

So as we all were taking a rainy day nap today, Miss Tahoe kindled with apparent ease. The kits were clean, dry, warm, and in the nest with plenty of wool. It is of my understanding that rabbits give birth within 15 minutes. So getting them all in the nest is all luck and perhaps some primal intelligence for a new mother. Rabbits don't pick up their young and carry them like a cat or a dog might do. Being born in the nest is a must for survival.

I am so happy that everybody made it through. I was getting nervous as Tahoe was three or four days late. I was worried, because Tahoe is an excellent rabbit in every way. First and foremost she is sweet and friendly. She has a gentle spirit. Second, she has nice wool and has a great shape and color. She is special. She is Sophia's rabbit. But I like her a whole lot. I would hate to lose her.

Just so people know, these rabbits are bred responsibly. They are bred only to improve their qualities, including personality. I believe breeding an inferior trait is irresponsible. If a rabbit is not show quality and it is kept or sold as a pet, it needs to be neutered. All of my rabbits are kept separately in comfortable homes and get supervised exercise in a pen in the green grass. They are fed a special quality diet to keep them healthy and happy. It is not cheap. There are no "accidents". I am starting a small herd, so I will keep all of my babies for right now. Taking on this breed takes work. They need to be groomed regularly if you want the rabbit to be healthy and the wool to be prime. People who own English Angora Rabbits, are dedicated to their care. The term "bunny hugger" is a good representation of most owners.
I chose the English Angora because they a sustainable living part of our farm. Plus, they are smaller than sheep or alpacas! Although, I would love to own an alpaca too! They are harvested for their wool (not fur) three to four times a year. They can be clipped or plucked. I have decided to clip. Their wool is then spun into yarn, usually with silk or another natural fiber. It is a treasure, the wool. A gift. It goes both ways. The rabbits are loved and taken care of and they give back accordingly.

Rabbits poo is great fertilizer for the garden. They are a part of a permaculture system. Although, my beagles do seem to love to snack on a fresh pellet or two, or a dozen. Snacks and fertilizer. Nothing goes to waste.

So here are the kits! Aren't they amazing? I think so. Full moon magical bunnies.

Living it up here in Wild Wonderful West Virginia,

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