Wednesday, November 30, 2011

when it rains, it pours

... I ran as fast as I could, smacked Lady Gaga hard on the ass and grabbed Squint up into my arms, then ran to the house.

Wait. If you just tuned in you may want to read my previous post.

I brought Squint in and put him in the bathroom sink and washed him down with warm water. I saw he was still living and in one piece, but he was terribly injured. Lacerations on his back, broken wing, and sore foot. The foot does not appear broken, but he is having trouble with it. I dried him off and brought him in front of the heater and luckily I had Rusty there ready to roll. We worked on him together, using a spray bottle of blue-kote, and anti bacterial/anti fungal healing coating that is great to have on hand if you have any livestock, even for pets really. It works really well on abrasions. Next was the injection in the leg muscle, then a good overall assessment of his skeletal condition. The wing, probably was the biggest concern. So we wrapped him to keep it stabilized.Tonight we took the wrap off because Squint has a small cough. We thought perhaps he was unable to take full breaths with the wrap. He is in a small area and is still, so we will leave the wrap off tonight and see if the cough eases up.

Poor little Squint. He just lost his buddy Crick not too long ago. Him and Crick were special needs ducks, both penciled runners, but ran with the flock like any other flock member. The geese were their body guards. They ate, swam, foraged and frolicked, and I even caught Squint doing some ducky love moves on a white runner girl. Awe ya baby. Both boys are beloved by many people who have seen pictures of them hatch and grow and then move here with me. I feel a deep sense of responsibility and love for them. I still miss Crick. He was so crooked, but hung right in there with the best of them. Now Squint is hurt and it hurts my heart.

So like I was saying... I will use magic aka: work my will to bring these ducks to health, and although I know that when I heal, I am only the straw in which the power travels through. I can only approach them with an open heart and mind. The will of others, belongs to them, not me. However, I will tend to these babies and do the best I can. That is all any of us can do.

I don't know why Lady Gaga the pig had him pinned on the ground. I had just seen Squint minutes before, he had ran into the barn, first. I remember smiling because he was first duck in. He looked happy it was dinner time. I picked up their feeding pans and gone in to fill up feed buckets and pans. Less than five minutes later he is in the mouth of a pig out on the side of the muddy hillside. I wonder if he was not feeling well and wanted in. I wonder if he had this cough before. Maybe he slipped in the mud trying to get back with the flock who were back up on the hill? Lady Gaga is the gentle pig. The one I thought we would keep around. How many pig on duck attacks happen? I think that is why the "WTF?" came out of my mouth. It did not make sense.

I went to my group of Feather people and I voiced my WTF? I wondered if there were aliens over my house, what the heck was happening. You see, before Rain and Squint got hurt, There was the goose attack on Happy. I lost two rabbits that were born a week too early. I had a hatchling that kept throwing it's head back. Next, I had a huge beautiful chick hatch who kept stretching his legs out, rolling backward. We had researched, taped, propped, and worked with it doing tiny physical therapy, but it kept not standing. It was not splayed legs, nothing deformed. This chick just refused to stand. Then Rain, and then Squint getting tragically hurt.

I wondered, until a friend of mine who is following the same path as a farmwitch, told me that Mercury was in retrograde starting on the 24th. Oh? Oh. oooh. I normally do not prepare for negative energies on a regular basis, I like to focus on positive and put my energy into manifesting that. But could this be it? Was this why my hatch was taking forever, and the chaos came to call? I took quick action, just in case. For my flocks, herds, packs and tribe.

Did you know Astrology and Astronomy used to be the same thing? True.

So Happy is running with her flock again, recovered from her goose attack. The chick throwing her head back has stopped doing that (infant vitamins w no iron fixed that) I hear it can be called stargazing. Which will be that chick's name, Stargazer. The chick who wouldn't walk finally did, after a long session late last night trying to correct her, tape physical therapy, yet again today with me sticking the chick in a toilet paper roll (empty) cut in half to force the chick forward. It worked. It is fumbling, but walking. I know she will be fine. Squint is eating and pooping like crazy. Rain is recovering. She layed an egg in her hospital bed today. No kidding. What a girl!

Also, I have a house over my head, a fire in the wood-stove several dogs by my feet several dogs outside patrolling and protecting and, I have internet connection.

Retrograde THIS Mercury! (Just kidding.) Respect.

Any question why I might call him Bear?
He is a Hero. The Protector who saved Squint.

Bear and Izzy
Can you see me smiling?
Crow's Animal Hospital
Squint and Rain

Slow hatch

Amazingly enough, I accomplished my goal today of moving my breeding quad of Black Copper Marans to the Barn house up the hill. One chicken or bag of pine chips at a time. Uphill, in the snow. I will let them be together for a couple of weeks before I try to hatch purebreds. Meanwhile, they can get to know each other.Woodpile must have got kicked out of the barn, or he just had to get away, but he hasn't seen these girls for awhile because they love to hang upstairs in the nursery. Even though two of them are laying already! They are very mild mannered birds. Opting for peace.

Woodpile no longer lives on the woodpile
Who is establishing dominance?

So peace be with you... and me!


  1. What a life you lead. Those two dogs are beautiful, and I'm very jealous of your black hens.

  2. Hey I hope some of your positivity rubs off on me!

    Utterley relieved that Squint is going to be ok. What is it that you're injecting into the ducks muscles again? Is it easy to get hold of and should I have some 'on hand' for my chickens?

    You should ask John Gray re carnivorous pigs - I think he's had a few hens 'go missing' in the pig pen...

    Also, where can I get some of your magic, Super woman!x

  3. I wish you were my NEIGHBoR Kim Crow !!!!!!!!! But Im feeling very blessed to have found You thru our feathered friends !! I wish i had a pinkie full of your knowledge and outlook on this universe !! U and Rusty are awesome peeps !!!!!

  4. Cro, my dogs and my hens are French as you know. I love many French things. :-) Including you and yours my friend.
    Hey Chris, Your positivity wears off on me. I loved you last blog. That was up there with the peppers. Makes me laugh. What I have is a bottle of Durvet Penicillin Injectable. (Sterile Penicillin G Procaine) Injectable Suspension U.S.P. Syringes and Blue-Kote, also triple antibiotic w/o pain stuff in it. Also you want to have some soluble antibiotics to put in their water. I always have wound powder on hand for bleeders. (Good for your pups and eventual goaties.) :-) Tums w calcium, for egg block. But I am sure your girls have some oyster shells. That is preventative. Umm... and healing hands. You have those. The magic is already there. Just crack open that can.
    Kris, Girl, I know we would be trouble if we lived close. :-) Good trouble. Thanks for posting here and welcome to Crow! Hey you have a great ducky shangri-la, you should blog too. :-) I am sure everyone here would be so jealous! of your set up. I am! :-) Again, you have got the magic and I can see it bubbling over every time you post! <3

  5. Oh Chis, I mean have that all on hand. Not give it to them all at once! So far, I have never had to give antibiotics to my chickens water. I try to keep them chemical free. But, if I ever had a coughing hen, or ill hen, I would do it in a heart beat, lol. For emergencies, the injectable is the way to go. One of my feathered friends recommended it to me and she is tre-knowlagable.

  6. 21 has killed and eaten three hens this season....she also maimed one other which I had to cull......
    Don't tell me about mean pigs!!!!!

  7. Dear Lord John! No. 21 ATE three hens. Ok. I am rethinking free-roam pigs. Last year's Sling Blade was such a sweet old pig, I never had a problem, other than his size and knack for busting down fences and doors. This year I got bit on the calf by Alejandro, and now Lady Gaga attacked a special needs duck? Both during feeding times. They are in Lock-up, way before feeding time now until they got to the nice farm to "meat" their maker. No harming chickens or ducks allowed here. Come to think of it... Maybe I need to be made into a roast.

  8. Thanks Crow. I'll look into that. I have some blu-kote which I tried to administer last January after the frostbite on the cockerels - it was, erm, difficult and entertaining to watch!

    Vets tomorrow with a list!!

    Re John's chooks. Told you! Pigs are just (partially) domesticated wild boar aren't they? - so would eat people if they got the chance. Kinda makes it more ok to eat 'them' in my book.

  9. I've been without internet (feel sad?) since the middle of October so reading this post had me totally spellbound, Crow! Loving those dogs...:)JP

  10. Chris some vaseline on those cockerels as preventative works. And good luck with that! I could go fairly downhill here. But I wont.

    JP, I feel very sad! lol Thank goodness you are back. I look forward to more of your new adventures and observations, way up yonder. Welcome back. :-)

  11. Use the spray on sptrizer or aerosol Blu-kote, and NOT the paintbrush style (at least on smaller critters)

  12. I have to laugh - all of your animal medicine is soooo over this nurse's head. I love love love the pic of you and Bear and Izzy :-)


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