Tuesday, November 8, 2011

more fainting...

I am in need of a new camera and a laptop.

So there will be no pictures today, I have to borrow Rusty's camera then my broken lap-top that is connected to my old desktop screen photo card reader is broken. I have certain "things" I would love to show you.

If I had my camera, I would take a picture of the new Great Pyrenees puppy I now have here. She will be Izzy's guardian partner. They really should work in twos and after hearing the coyotes, I think Izzy needs the back up. The puppy is from Tennessee. (Hello Brit in TN!) Yes, she came up with two of her sisters in a trailer full of Myotonic goats. My friend that I got Izzy from, bought the other two. We are both having a hard time with names. I would love to name her after a strong Goddess or Warrior, but have to be careful she is not a destructive Goddess. I named my foxhound Odin (who is now flying in the sky somewhere), and always questioned my choice, even after getting him a Crow (cocker spaniel) and a Raven (black chicken) he never settled.

Plus, Sophia is weighing in on the name. I brought the puppy to Sophia's Pom-Pom practice yesterday, and about 10 girls suggested naming her Snowball and another 8 suggested Fluffy. Yea, no. Why did I bring the puppy to a practice? Daylight saving clock issues. I was never one who appreciated a clock. Too demanding, those time keepers. I can't even believe I was able to work for so many years. Anyway, I thought I would be there at the end of the practice, not the beginning.

So yes, a puppy... and...

  1. My Black Copper Maran hens are laying, or at least one is. I now need to put them in a breeding pen with "Wood Pile" the BC Maran roo, who got his name from the place he loves to hang out on.
  2. I have a few regular customers now who come all the way out here from the closest city and buy fresh free roam eggs. I have an egg order for 8 dozen on the November 21st. I told my hens they better get crackin'.
  3. I have eggs in the incubators and under one Broody hen. Quail, Lavender Orpington, Blue and Black Copper Marans, Golden Campines, Speckled and Silver Sussex, Red Shoulder Yokohama, Black Java, Plymouth Rock, and Black Sumatra. I think that is it. It is not the best time to incubate, and many of these are critically endangered livestock, but I am hoping I get enough to grow out all Winter and have them ready for Spring 2012 to start a small rare flock.
  4. Two of my Indian Runner ducks are laying. One blue egg, one white.
  5. I had a American Rabbit Breeder Association Registrar come to my farm to register rabbits. My American Chinchilla rabbit weighs 8.5 pounds. It is a good weight. I registered, four of my rabbits, and learned how to tattoo a rabbit. Normally, a Registrar will only be found at shows, but he came here! Very exciting and exhausting.He was very nice.
  6. One of my English Angoras rabbits broke his back (somewhat common) but it was so severe, we had to put him down. He had no pain reaction in his legs and lost control of bowels. If he had either, believe it or not, you can put them in a small confined area and rest, herbs etc and bring them back. But not the case for him. We guess something spooked him and he hit the roof, literally. He was in an outside hutch. More tears. It never gets easy saying good-bye. He was from the first litter here. A great looking buck that I had high hopes for.
  7. Crick the special needs duck went to sleep one night and never woke up. He was such an amazing duck, but I guess his time here was meant to be short, but ever so sweet. 
  8. I am taking over the barn house up the hill to make a proper rabbitry, and perhaps a chick nursery if I am successful in this big hatch. I so need to take pictures! That is, after I clean up from the last tenant. No public comment on that one.
  9. Company is coming from Florida and from New Hampshire.
  10. The holidays are coming too. Ugh. I dislike the whole "Christmas spirit frenzy" I think people should be giving and kind all year long, and spend all that money in the Christmas gluttony rituals and do something useful with it. Like buy me a camera and a laptop. 
  11. Faint. More like, a brief collapse.
I am going to get you pictures soon I promise. For now, a random photo:

Old church pews from a Baptist church here in Appalachia. 
Two are going on my wrap around porch.

Oh, and I lost two blog readers. I wonder why? Don't they know I always land on my feet?



  1. love the pews... beautiful and you are brave.... chicks in november!!!

  2. Crow, I am with you on the whole ridiculous Christmas thing. We Americans can over-do just about anything!
    With farm animals comes loss, but it is never easy. Wish I were close enough to buy some of your wonderful eggs!
    And on followers: ya win some and ya lose some.
    Hope you get your camera, you take wonderful photos. I am wishing for an upgrade on my 8 years old digital that still takes nice photos.
    Take care.

  3. I suggest Epona for the puppy. She could easily have the nickname Pony, which she will certainly be the size of and the kids would still think it cute.

  4. Blimey, you are one busy bee. Frankly I'm amazed you have the time to write / take pictures - you must be bushed. Things sure are expanding up there in the mountains. You farmer you.

    I NEED to see pictures of your puppy, Marans and other chicks...x

  5. You stay on a treadmill, so much to do, so little time :)
    I'm not surprised your new puppy is from our fair state of TN, they are a very popular working breed here.
    At the spay and neuter clinic we saw a constant flow of Great Pyrenees through the door, anyone raising goats and cattle own at least two.
    A very hard working and noble breed.

    The church pews are just so lovely, I can imagine how pretty they'll look on your porch.

    Don't fret over the followers gadget, I lose followers and the next day I gain more, I think you are loved by all who stop by and visit.

  6. Your energy amazes and inspires me. Spiritual and physical energy :-)
    A puppy companion for Izzy :-) Can I sit on your front porch pew [beautiful btw] and hold the puppy and bunnies? Pretty please?
    xo Linda

  7. Yup, those pews are great; I could use a couple here.

    May I suggest GNASHER!

  8. Maybe 1 day I will be able to come visit again and sit on the pews eating goats milk cheese and crackers anjoying your company once again. x
    Nicky xx

  9. I just read Sylvannas comment on your puppy name. It got me thinking about my Epona tattoo. I think its a great name.
    Nicky xx

  10. I love reading your blog; it's a positive way to start my day. Do you have a donate button hidden anywhere to help towards a new computer or camera?

  11. John- Crazy or brave? Me thinks Crazy.
    Kat- Yes I think my digital was about that same age. At the time it was expensive. Now cell phone have more megapixels! Yes, Us Americans are consumers. Protest all I do, I still consume and am American. You should see if there is a little farm by you, who might keep chickens. You just might make their day.
    Sylvanna- you are channeling my friend Nicky, that is her girl, Epona. She has a cool tat of her.
    Chris- I will borrow a camera and get those photos up pronto! You will just have to run out and get a new pup when you see this little one.
    Jo- Heck yes, My girls will be micro-chipped as well! I love TN. Did you know that? It was where I planned to move before I came here. Western TN in the mountains. Just a few hours North is all, right?
    Nicky- I am saving you a seat. We can say a few words of thanks to Epona, and then eat cheese of the horned God! ;-)
    Stride- Hi! How sweet of you. First,thanks for reading and I am glad you see the positive here. I try to keep my chin up. PS I think I am getting a super cool laptop soon, and the camera, it will come... I have a couple extra pews for sale. God really does work in mysterious ways! I am selling his seats. ;-) I always look at things like this: HOW can I get what I need. Not- IF I can get it. It has worked well in my life. The biggest miracle was getting this farm when it appeared to be completely impossible. A new laptop and a camera is nothing comparatively.


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